Beyonce's latest Fendi Bag.....

  1. Hey does anyone know where you could purchase this bag? I couldn't find it anywhere but it is so HOT! check out the pic:tup:
  2. moving to Fendi Forum . . . .
  3. Pic is too tiny, and I can't enlarge it. :sad:
  4. I can't add it. I will have to re-post
  5. Ok so I tried to add it and I still can not. It's a posting on Oct 8th with a pic of her leaving "The spotted Pig Restaraunt"....If anyone can get the pic and post it, I would greatly appreciate it. Here is the link
  6. LOVE IT!! I've seen that in the brownish colors, but this one is deffinitely better!!
  7. Thanks So Much
  8. nice bag
  9. It is a cute bag.