Beyonce's Handbag/ PLEASE HELP!!!

  1. Hi Everyone!
    I am new to this post but i have been searching feverishly to find out the brand or where to buy this bag but with no hope. Beyonce carries a bag that is shaped like a boomerang. its always funky patterns and colors....Does ANYONE know who this bag is made by or where to buy it? any help wld be appreciated!!!
    I hope you can pull the link up for the pic's. If not go to in the picture gallery go to games and or candids and you can see her carrying the bag in the May 8th pics in Miami.
    handbag.jpg handbag2.jpg
  2. can't help you! i have no idea but i think a similar style was discussed in another forum....maybe try to check!:nuts:
  3. oh wow! Great link! Pretty reasonable for the immense amount of detail in them!