Beyonce's bag

  1. There is a new picture of Beyonce (in London) she's wearing white palazzso pants and carrying a camel colored bag. Who makes that bag????? I need to know, please help.:sos:
  2. need a photo. . . also, try doing a search, soemone may have already asked in the last couple of days ;)
  3. I should have said the picture was taken TODAY. So here it is.

  4. Someone posted a similar pic yesterday or the day before. . . did you do a search? Maybe someone posted who it was{?}
    I have no idea.
  5. Thats HOT!!! $!500! himmmm!
  6. Nice bag.
  7. Ooh - I am liking this bag! :smile:
  8. Very cute! I think it would be a bit big on most girls, though (esp. me :P ) Beyonce is so tall.
  9. [​IMG]

    In that same issue of people I saw this pic of Jennifer Lopez. Is that the Chloe Edith in Turquoise? It looks slightly different that the one I got. :yahoo: I can't wait to get it, btw. I also wish I had JLo's tush!!
  10. ^^ That looks like a Balenciaga to me--maybe the Work style.
  11. The JLo bag is a Balenciaga right? Weekender? It's actually bigger than her booty-ha! (not a diss- I'm proud of having a big booty)!
  12. TSorry- think we posted at the same time, Wickedassin :smile:
  13. lol, np. You got the style name right--I think it is a Weekender :P
  14. Thanks ladies! I wasn't sure if it was the Edith with a twist. I'm loving it, though.
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