Beyonce's Bag

  1. Can anyone tell me what bag this is?:yes:
  2. Sorry, can't tell you what it is but it's funky! Love it!
  3. Ohhhh.I love it!

    Please someone figure out what it is!
  4. It's similar to some Prada bags I've seen
  5. That's a nice bag. She has very nice unique bags. Now find out the designer.
  6. Sorta looks like that new MJ bag (not saying that it is it, but it looks like it).
  7. It's a Prada. I can't find a pic from another angle with the Prada symbol. But anywhooo, Lulilu is right.
  8. ^^^^This season.
  9. It looks like a Prada bag.
  10. Victoria's also carrying this new prada bag in slightly different size/model.

    I guess Prada is back~ :yes:
    vicprada.jpg vicprada3.jpg
  11. I like the bag...but her style in dress kills me.

  12. Was Prada out? :amuse:
  13. wow its beautiful!.Beyonce has killer legs!
  14. It's ginormous -- real cutting edge. I like it.
  15. That girl is so gorgeous, and LOVE that bag!