Beyonce radio interview today confirms breakup!

  1. I hear that on my local radio station today,97.9 tha Box (which is in Beyonces hometown of Houston, TX) an interview with Beyonce cofirmed her and Jay Zs break up. The interview stated that their relationship has been on the rocks for the last few months and that he is paying a young woman who is pregnant with his child $1.7 million dollars to keep his name off of the babys birth certificate and to keep it hush. Has anyone else heard this?
  2. no i haven't heard about that but it sure sounds crazy...
  3. Beyonce actually SAID that?

    OT - I used to listen to that station when I lived there!
  4. very hard to believe.
  5. wow..what a twist..
  6. Wow, I wonder if all that is really true. So sad if it is.
  7. indeed model shenelle scott
    [​IMG] model Shenelle Scott
  8. wow - she's pretty.
    Hard to believe she's pregnant :confused1:
  9. ^^I think this was from a while ago with her already having the child. That's why he wants her to keep his name off the BC. Why doesn't anybody use condoms anymore? Valtrex anyone?? Over 1/3 of the population has some form of VD and they don't know it. If this were a one night stand, what were they thinking? I blame both of them if this is true. Personally, I wouldn't let him off the hook. You wanna play, you gotta play. They are lucky that all that happened is she got pregnant. It could of been some foul disease.
  10. none of what is being said is not confirmed at all. Most of it is rumors.
  11. I haven't heard anything about a break up..... but who knows whats really going on ???
  12. It could very well be true. He's no saint.
  13. mystery...
  14. Yep. So true.:yes:
  15. I didnt hear the actual interview myself but like 4 different people that I know have all told me the same story. They said that they were shocked and that the readio dj Mad Hatter confirmed it again after the interview in his recap. He always goes over what was just said during the interview before going off the air.