Beyonce Picked To Sing The Blues

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    According to Beyonce Knowles has been hand picked to portray Etta James ‘Cadillac Records,’ a biopic about the blues singer’s life.
    Producers have informed Etta that she’ll get the chance to consult with the 26-year-old Destiny’s Child star, giving her pointers on both the acting and the singing — the latter being something the “At Last” singer was most concerned with when she got wind of the casting.
    You know what Etta James should be concerned with? Cedric The Entertainer being cast in a movie about her. This guy has the reverse midas touch when it comes to movies.
    Picture note: Beyonce and Jay-Z spotted in NYC leaving Bar Bitti yesterday. Etta is Going to Teach Beyonce a Thing or Two
  2. Lucky her!! I think Beyonce will play it well!
  3. I love Etta James music!!

    Beyonce will be perfect. Etta was known for having blonde hair.
  4. yup.. she does things so goood..:tup: