Beyonce performing in Florida

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  2. Even though I didn't particularly like the movie, Beyonce looked beautiful in 'Dreamgirls'. She looked amazing in every outfit and makeup style imaginable.

    In real life, Beyonce needs to update her look though. I think the whole ghetto fab thing she's been pulling off for years is getting old....get rid of the extentions, its too much hair....and while you're at it, throw away all that flashy garb, the hoop earrings and the bright makeup. Most of the time her look is too overdone, like an older lady who's had the same style since the 1980's and desperately needs a makeover. Beyonce's 26 yrs old. It's time to start making that transition and get a fresher, cleaner, crisper look because she's really, really pretty and isn't making the most of her great features.
  3. She looks great!!!!Love Beyonce!!!

  4. ditto
  5. she's a cutie...
  6. I think she is like that outside the camera (excluding her weave) She overdoes it for performances and red carpet. which I like IMO, its showgirl time, she relaxes her look after hours. I have seen beyonce perform live on numerous occasions and she has really great energy, I feel that the OTT thing just works and bounces off her. No saying i dont enjoy an intimate concert but B music isnt about that, its flash, glitter and glam.
  7. I love her. I like the way she has managed to stay away from the paris/brittney/lindsay lifestyle.

    Her dad was on Neil Cavuto's business show. I believe he is her manager. Seems very grounded and into keeping her that way too.

    Did anyone say the uTube video of her falling during a performance last week. She got right up and kept going. At the end she said something like "We all fall down in life and you just have to get right up and keep going!"
  8. Beyonce should run for presidency. Now seriously, she's amazing. Very professional and grounded.
  9. I love Beyonce!!!
  10. :tup::yes: Always fabulous!
  11. I love her!
  12. i agree with updating her look a bit, but she is far from "ghetto fab".
    she has more class than a few of her peers.:tup:
  13. I think she is somewhat ghetto at times. She has a good voice but she can be too much in your face with look at me.
  14. being flashy and over the top is what makes beyonce beyonce
  15. looking good...