Beyonce nose job

  1. i really think she had one no amount of makeup, angle or lighting can change the shape of her nose....what do you guys think?

  2. i love Beyonce!i like 2 pics more!
  3. oh, it looks like work was done to me...the pic could have been airbrushed though i guess
  4. yaeh maybe just airbrushed
  5. I don't think she had a nose job. That second photo looks overly airbrushed.
  6. She definitely had a nose job.
  7. definitely a nose job, or airbrush.
  8. i would say she did get a nose job but wouldn't we know all this already? practically since 17 (before the 1st pic as taken) the girl has been bombarded with paparazzi, if sure a nose job would've been discovered photos to/from the surgeon and bandaged photos? and she would've been out of the scene of Hollywood for a while in recovery, which she almost hasn't. So she really hasn't had a chance to get a nose job, has she?
  9. Airbrushed, just like her tummy-tuck airbrushed pics.
  10. I could be wrong, but in the second pic it looks like a lot of airbrushing. Even her lips are smaller.
  11. She's had work done. I saw her on tv and she looks different than she did when she first came out. And she's not in the public eye 24/7 in all the years she's been famous. There's been time for a schnoz job (and I think her lips are thinner too). And that's her right to do so. I'm not a Beyonce fan, so I look at her with complete indifference. She's definitely had work done, like most stars.
  12. Airbrushing...that's my guess. I do love the weave though.
  13. She looks good--if she had work done it was done right but she is young and I think one would not really notice a big difference. I also think Ashley Simpson's nose looks good yet she will not admit to having a nose job. Most people getting cosmetic surgery will not talk about it and their PR reps will deny it.
  14. definately airbrushed!:yes:
  15. Def. airbrushed/photoshopped... but maybe Rockst@r is right too.