Beyonce : Love her or hate her?


Do you like Beyonce?

  1. No way. She just gets on my nerves!

  2. Yeah! She's an amazing singer and woman.

  3. I don't really feel either way. She's alright.

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  1. Okay, I don't know is this is that big of contreversy to everyone one else as it is to me, but does Beyonce really irk you? I was all fine and dandy with her until I found out the way her and her father were treating Jennifer Hudson of Dream Girls. I've always thought of her as kind of a demanding diva (:yucky: ), but this just made me not like her more!

    All opinions are welcome here! ;)
  2. I don't think she is bootilicious. She does have a pretty face.
  3. I love her face, and she has a lot of talent, but her ego is HUGE!
  4. Is it her or is it her father? I know I haven't seen every interview she has done but she has appeared to be quite gracious in the ones that I have seen.
  5. I don't think she's beautiful. Pretty good singer. Don't love her. Don't hate her. Actually, I'm pretty sick of hearing both her name and her songs that seem to play 24/7.
  6. I wish she would learn to properly enunciate the English language and quit flashing her pits on the red carpet.
  7. How are her and her father treating Jennifer Hudson?
  8. I used to like her cuz she was the total package: looks, voice, real talent. BUT....she has become sooo overexposed and I'm even tired of seeing her Mom in all her Dereon ads. I agree about the pit-flashing...that just looks dumb AND contrived and conceited!!!

    Most of all, I'm SO tired of her over-the-topness in terms of style. Her various weaves are just way too showgirl, and her closet must be overflowing with pageant contestant evening gowns. She is the queen of gold lame, feathers, sequins, etc etc. She's the queen of flamboyance!!! Imagine how stunning she'd be with straight sleek hair, in a chic Chanel suit instead.
  9. Her B'Day album wasn't that good :push:
    I still think Halle Berry is more beautiful than her.
  10. I would love to be a fly on her family's wall, LOL. I've heard that her, her mom and dad are jealous of the attention Jennifer Hudson is getting because of this movie, but I don't know if it's true. It is a fact that she was bragging about this being her movie at The Cannes Film Festival and it became Jennifer's once it was released and the nominations came out. Even the promos have changed.....Something about her is just not right. I strongly believe her family is as wacky as hell is hot, but they keep it under tight wraps...
  11. I think she's pretty, and I do enjoy seeing her clothes, although they are completely opposite of anything I would ever wear.

    The one thing that bothers me the most about her is her grammar. When I've heard her interviewed, she doesn't speak properly.
  12. Don't care for her, never have.. I just think she's blah.
  13. She gets on my nerves but I don't really know why. :shrugs: Ever since she left Destinys Child something just bothers me about her. Her ego always comes out.
  14. I think she's very beautiful, I wouldn't compare her and Halle Berry or anyone else in terms of who is more or less attractive, that's doesn't make any sense.
    She is gorgeous. She speeks kinda funny though
  15. I've heard that too! The reason everyone is pissed is because this movie was to have catipulted her to A list actress (rather than just a singer and all..) but it all went to Jennifer Hudson. (Obviously since Jennifer did a WAAAAAAAY better job than her.) She also stated in an interview that "the jealousy rumors are not true because she is already a star and she actually wished she was paid to gain weight like Jennifer was." Ouch!