Beyonce Knowles - Red Dress Shoot (UHQ)

  1. Lol there to big ill resize it :smile:
  2. [​IMG]

  3. [​IMG]
  4. Wow,those pictures were photoshopped badly. I have seen a picture of Beyonce (non photoshoped)..lets say home girl has thick sideburns!
  5. Wow.. that's a lot of photoshop. :\
  6. She looks beautiful as always.... I didn't expect anything less.
  7. She looks pretty but definitly photoshopped!!
  8. plastic
  9. Beyonce Shooting A Samsung Commercial

    March 10th, 2007 at 6:31 am
    Beyonce is the new face for Samsung Electronics. Here she is working on a commercial that shows a woman using their products during both the day and night. She looks great! It is a lot different feel than this picture of her without any hair or makeup done. [​IMG] Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge each picture.

  10. [​IMG]

  11. She is a pretty woman, but I think she looks a bit fake
  12. ^^ita!
  13. Yeah really photoshopped.
  14. OMG her ROOTS UGH .. overall she looks great her eyez
  15. ^^ love the shoes ...