Beyonce Knowles performs live in Marseille (05/29/07)

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  2. wow she really works it on stage!
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  4. She has been laying low lately.
  5. I think is fat!
  6. I don't think she's fat. She looks great.
  7. Well, she's not fat, but she's not skinny either. She's always been curvy and she still does. She looks good though.
  8. ^^^

    Exactly ;)
  9. She looks ok!
  10. She looks great. I heard she puts on a great live concert.
  11. She's a very talented strong woman.
  12. oh please! Beyonce isn't fat!
    Just becasue size 24 jeans don't fall off her doesn't mean she's fat.
    She's hot. . . we're all built differently genetically. She represents most women IMO.
  13. She looks really good! She's not out of shape and she looks healthy and that's what I think a positive image is. I would rather look like her than Nicole Richie any day!! Love her and her music!
  14. she looks great.
  15. she's pretty, but
    Her legs sure look big