Beyonce Knowles arriving in Melbourne (04/25/07)

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  2. She looks really chic! Thanks for posting!
  3. She's a cutie, but she has the craziest figure I've ever seen on a "slim" chik. From the waste up she's skinny, but from the hips down, she's plus-sized.
  4. ^^Beyonce has a beautiful body! Very womanly and shapely and that's a GREAT thing! Nothing on her is plus sized. She has beautiful thighs and legs..if that is what you are referring too. I like her dress and shoes here as well! Thanks for sharing!
  5. ^^ If that's how YOU see it then so be it, but I know what MY eyes see. =)
  6. Well I think YOUR EYES need glasses! That's how I see it..... LOL
  7. Beyonce is HOT! It's so nice to see a curvy yet sexy celeb female! I could only dream of having her bootie.
  8. Lol plus-sized :roflmfao: She is NOT plus-sized! :roflmfao: I will say her lower half is larger than her upper half but that sexy and womanly!
  9. I like her dress and shoes.. she looks so fresh faced.
  10. I think she looks gorgeous.
  11. definitely not plus sized... but curvy, and i like that about her.
  12. Gorgeous, as always for Beyonce!
    There is never a picture of her looking anything but perfect. Lovin' her Louboutins.
    Thanks for posting.
    P.S Can anyone ID that bag?
  13. that bag is from her collection House of Dereon
  14. i love her look here!
  15. whats with all those different shapes and prints? ugh thats tacky IMO.

    I dont really care for her, shes a bit more then curvacious waist down, but deff not plus sized.