Beyoncé In Short Shorts With Jay-Z

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  2. they are so cute together
  3. she looks good!
  4. not liking the shorts love the sunnies though..
  5. There a great couple.
  6. She looks super cute. I love the whole outfit especially the shoes!
  7. They just go so well together, I love them, they should get married.
  8. i love her!!! but not loving the shorts, they almost remind me of mom jeans
  9. They make a relly cute couple, but her legs don't look good in these shorts.
  10. Calf length trousers may have complimented her more...
  11. When I see this pic, I think of her on the SI cover in the bikini and I, they really photoshopped a ton!!!
  12. Wow i just looked that cover up. never seen it before. she looks great. but they took alot of them thighs
  13. So cute!!
  14. is that just me or do you guys think that she has thick thighs? it seems like no matter how much weight she lose, those thighs are always there.
  15. i like her top :shrugs: i cant imagine if i wearing that outfit to rite aid