Beyonce Hits Russia Before Rocking Ethiopia

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  1. Beyonce and her mom/BFF Tina took advantage of some down time between performances to see the sights of Moscow late last week.

  2. She looks like she is enjoying her vacation. Her hair always looks gorgeous.
  3. Not a very flattering outfit, especially the jeans.
  4. she looks good, her mom....don't know
  5. She looks good but I agree, those jeans aren't the best pair.
  6. What is wrong with her jeans:confused1:
  7. I agree...the jeans look bad on her..makes her bottom part of her body look heavy.
  8. she has thick thighs and hips like she should:tup:;)
  9. she looks fatter
  10. for some reason i wish i would see her dressed down for once
  11. YAY!!! Moscow!!! I am getting nostalgic!