Beyonce & Eva Go For BrokeBack


    Beyonce was a busy lady yesterday. After doing TRL she headed out with boyfriend Jay-Z to celebrate the One-Year Anniversary of the 40/40 Club. As usual, Beyonce looks super hot. And things are only going to get hotter for the budding actress. She may go lesbian in a movie with Eva Longoria. [​IMG]

  2. [​IMG]
    Longoria showed off her inner matron to attend a charity event at New York's American Museum of Natural History,
  3. That should be interesting.... Beyonce looks absolutely stunning pretty much all the time. I love that dress on her. I can't get past Eva's hairdo though in the photos.
  4. They are both stunning. I know those movie tickets are going to sell through the roof:graucho:
  5. oh that's some crazy news. i know all the boys will be the first in line to see that movie!:P
  6. OMG cant wait to watch their movie :wtf:
  7. the first pics of Eva looks like she's channeling JLo a bit.
  8. Wow that will be an interesting movie. Beyonce looks so stunning all the time.
  9. :oh: :amuse: i didn't even recognize eva in that second photo....
  10. They are both so beatiful.....they make me sick!!!
  11. my favorite housewife (after Felicity Huffman..)
  12. :yucky::yucky::yucky::yucky:
  13. Sounds interesting. I could see my husband buying tickets in advance.
  14. wow.. cant wait for the movie!
  15. it will be interesting to see how that goes
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