**Beyonce Earrings**

Apr 14, 2008
I've seen the video, and I think they are by Lorraine Schwartz. Beyonce loves her, and always wears her pieces. They really do look like something she would design. Bergdorf Goodman carries the Lorraine Schwartz monkey collection, so you could look there. She also has a store in New York, that is by appointment only.
Lorraine E Schwartz
(646) 274-2008
580 5th Avenue
Suite 1200
New York, NY 10036


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Feb 1, 2006
If LS is too costly for your blood- google Melody Eshani, she has a very similar style of earring. I think they cost about $50 and in a few choice of colors.

Her fans send in pics of themselves wearing her stuff- her is a pic of the geometric earrings, just like Rhianna's pair in the photo.




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Nov 27, 2008
the earrings rihanna is wearing in the picture above are from topshop. I bought them in gold during summer whilst a friend bought them in silver. The photo was taken for a supplement magazine that came with a sunday paper, it statedinside hte magazine that the actual earrings are from topshop and only cost around £6.


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Feb 1, 2009
i can't help but to be remind of a website i visited today that supposedly fake from the video u know the Bonne and rochette or something. Here a few thing i notice.

Like the website design and photography look quite similiar.
Layout and font of the company logo resemble the same.
Certain of the url browsing is position the same.

but the logo remind me of banana republic or dooney and bourke. but i look into it. BR has affordable earrings, kinda make me think im a bit too farfetch. and db don't make earrings.

it was just a theory.

p.s. bvlgari don't have the earring of beyonce but they have that earring of britney spears that range of like what 15k? lol