Beyonce buys UK's only pair of £12,000 Balenciaga Gold Leggings

  1. The only pair of Balenciaga's £12,000 Gold Leggings in the UK were sold to Beyonce. She wore them to the Black Entertainment Television Gala in LA.

    Check out the video (you have to watch for a little while to see them!)
  2. And she looked great in them too.
  3. Eh, she can have them. I mean where would I wear a pair of gold leggings?

    Where would any of us wear a pair of gold leggings LOL?
  4. ^lol, agreed.

    and if you so desire, american apparel has them for around $20:p
  5. ^^^ she wore them as a performance outfit.
  6. ^^ She looks great in them too! Stunning!
  7. Glad she has bought them, wouldnt want to see anybody in the UK wearing em lol.

    I think Beyonce is one of the very few people that could carry these bad boys off :biggrin:
  8. £12,000 for a pair of leggings???? :wtf:

    whether it looked good or not - that money could have been put to good use. anyway, 'nuff said. oh, and honestly I don't like them - they are not very flattering for her body shape as well.
  9. Thanks for posting these pics - I couldn't find any, just the video.

  10. HATER. LOL :p:roflmfao:

    To each its own i guess.

    I think she look great. Its a performance outfit. its not like she was in the mall shopping w/ them on ya know. :yes:
  11. Of course they're gold and of course they're flashy. Flashy and gold is Beyonce's thing. (I'm not hating, I'm just saying.)

    I understand them as part of a stage costume and they do look good on her, but no matter how many times I see pictures or videos of her stage costume, I am still NOT getting that top. She looks like she could pop out at any moment.
  12. I don't even like beyonce, but I think she looks great on stage with them.
  13. I think she looks great, they really go with her performance style.
  15. Those things are insane, I've seen them in different styles in magazines recently. I almost wonder who, besides stars, would buy those things.