Beyonce and JayZ Caption It Contest

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  1. It's time for another fun-filled contest!


    Provide a fun caption to this picture of JayZ, fabulous Beyonce and the excited fan and win a naughty LaNeige Purse!

    laneigecontest2.jpg laneigecontest.jpg

    Please post all your captions in this thread, we will pick the Top 5 on Wednesday, March 22nd at 6pm EST and then our members will choose the top caption in a poll until next Friday!

    Ready, set, GO! :nuts:
  2. i cant wait
  3. [​IMG][​IMG]

    By the way, does anyone know the bag that she is carrying? Its pretty fabulous......
  4. Tinkerbell just pooped in Paris Hilton's new Chanel
  5. Babe, that idiot is really pissing me off, agh !!! I should've used preparation-H.
  6. OMG....he's going to eat us.............brace your self...........
  7. *big man singing a la Roseanne* "And the home of the Braaaaaave"
  8. Jay-Z:

    Boo, I can't believe this dude! He's already sneezed on me 2x and now he's going for a hat trick! What up w/ dat?


    Whatever, just be quiet! I have to keep smiling for the photographers!!!!!
  9. "UGH! Beyonce, why is the dude behind us still poking me?"

    "Honey, he's just pumped about the game and wants to make sure you see the exciting parts!"
  10. "maybe if i just stand here the entire night, i'll be in all the pics that the paparazzi take...i'll be famous!"
  11. "Dude, how many times we gotta tell you - ya can't sing soprano!!!"
  12. Fan: I shouldn't have had the hot&spicy chicken. Must air out mouth!
    J: This man just drooled on my head.
    B: Just keep smiling 'til the paparazzi leaves!
  13. Fat guy 'Buuuuurp'

    JayZ 'Yuck, that guy had curry for dinner!!'
  14. ahhhh mumma its beyonce look!!!
  15. 'Wasssssssupppp'
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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