Beyonce and JayZ Caption It Contest - VOTE A WINNER!


Who's got the best caption?

  1. Greenie

  2. Noriko

  3. chanelissy

  4. allison

  5. coash

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. [​IMG]

    We've picked 5 finalists and now it's your turn to determine the winner of this week's caption contest! :nuts:

    The winner will get La Neige's fabulous Naughty Purse as well as bragging rights for a month! :P

    Our finalists are:

    • "...I got 99 problems and a b*tch ain't one!" by Greenie
    • Beyonce: "Don't look at me, hes on your side of the family" by Noriko
    • Jay-Z: Wait, does he know that the other team just scored a goal?
      Beyonce: Baby Boy, do you
      want 100 problems? by chanelissy
    • "Honey, I think he's shaking his laffy taffy..." by allison
    • "Bodyguards Gone Wild" by coash
    Pick and choose, the poll will be closed this coming Sunday, 11:59pm. Good luck! And ya'll... get voting! :lol:
  2. ~bumpity bump~
  3. Hey! I'm not a finalist :amazed: ...that can't be!
  4. Nice! Good luck everyone! :biggrin: :nuts:
  5. They were all pretty funny, it's hard to decide.
  6. Its neck and neck. Oh the suspense!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Funny stuff!
  8. I love the body guards gone wild
  9. Hahaha Allison, I love you!
  10. i wonder who will win.
  11. :amuse:
  12. wow cant wait to see who wins :biggrin:
  13. When do we see who wins?
  14. Congratulations to Noriko, who won by a close 4 votes!!! Hit me with your addy gurl, we'll send you your Naughty Purse!!! :nuts:
  15. Congrats Noriko!