Beyonce and Jay Z

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  1. Starting fresh!
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  2. Her fans are feeling like she's getting snubbed and I kinda agree. I'm not her biggest fan but "Beyonce" was a great sucks that she's only being recognized in R&B/Urban categories. I think she end up with an AOTY nod but she probably won't win. I feel like Sam Smith is going to be the Grammy darling this year.
  3. Beyonce Becomes Most Grammy-Nominated Woman, Passes Dolly Parton

    After all of the Grammy nominee announcements this morning, Beyonce has become the most nominated woman in the history of the Grammys.
    As of yesterday, country legend Dolly Parton and Beyonce were tied with 46 nominations each — but Beyonce is now up to 47 after being nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

    As of right now, Beyonce has won 17 out of 46 nominations and here’s hoping she can take home another award to boost that number.
    Dolly has only won 7 of her 46 nominations, but she was honored with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011.
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  4. TBH I feel like everyone's faves are getting snubbed, but none of my faves put out music this year so I cant complain. The industry is either punking real talent or this past year real talent was missing with the exception of Sam, either way the list of noms for the coveted awards is a joke and I am not shocked that she isnt on there smdh
    I wonder if her surprise album made industry execs mad? I don't know how the Grammy thing works...
  5. This was a really sad year for music which is why I thought she would rack up the nods because her album was pretty much the standout. Hopefully my faves bring it in 2015.

    The Grammys started acting funny with Bey when she started bragging about her Grammys, lol. It's like they said "Oh, really? Watch this" :lol: She ended up getting snubbed when she released 4 and now she's getting the short end of the stick this go round. I know that's not case but it kinda seems that way, lol. Other theories are that she no longer has Matthew around to "buy" them for her but I don't believe that.
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  6. I was just as shocked smdh
    IDK whth happened this year I actually kind of liked Beyonce better than 4, I'm not even a Beyhiver like that but I think it was one of her best efforts in a long time.
  7. She isn't nominated for album of the year but URBAN album of the year?? That's definitely a slap on the face.
  8. They haven't announced album of the year yet. I think she will get a nomination for that...or the Grammy committee could do her like Justin Timberlake and not give it to her. I definitely didn't understand that decision last year at all. He sold a crazy amount of albums in a dying industry and it was critically acclaimed album, which is the same scenario of Beyonce. Then again there are some crazy nominations this year - Iggy I'm looking at you lol
  9. Is that one of the awards that doesn't even get air time when they announce the winner?
  10. I didn't realize that Jay-Z is in the #3 spot for most grammy nominations. He received 19 of his 60 nominations.

    Their award room in their house must look incredible.

  11. oooooh!!! ya'll know bey doesn't even bother to show up if she is not getting the award. so no airtime is out of the question!
  12. Other than Sam Smith (alcohol & Stay With Me makes me call my ex), the list is pretty much snubbing anyone in the music industry with talent.
  13. I'm sorry but in my opinion she doesn't deserve to be the most Grammy nominated woman in history.

    Her fans thinking she deserves more is ridiculous.

    Beyonce is talented. But if the nominations/wins are supposed to be an indication of talent, she isn't my choice for such an accolade.

  14. [​IMG]
  15. :lol::lol::lol:

    Don't get me wrong. She is at the top of her game definitely.

    But more nominations than ANY OTHER FEMALE SINGER IN HISTORY?!

    NO WAY.

    The Grammys mean a lot less nowadays than they did previously in my opinion. Iggy Azalea has been nominated? Yeah. Ok. Bye.