Beyonce and Jay Z Hit the High Seas

  1. Beyonce and her boo Jay-Z hit the high seas in the south of France on their private yacht on Tuesday.
    The couple were accompanied by a mystery male and his young son. Does Jay-Z have a brother and a nephew?
    Beyonce has been enjoying her time off, having just wrapped up the European leg of her tour.
    beyonce and jay z1.jpg beyonce and jay z2.jpg beyonce and jay z3.jpg beyonce and jay z4.jpg beyonce and jay z5.jpg
  2. A few more pics

    What would I do to spend a few days on a yacht like this....
    Beyonce.jpg Jay Z.jpg beyonce and jay z6.jpg beyonce and jay z7.jpg beyonce and jay z8.jpg
  3. she doesn't look that happy in the first few pics, then again if i were her and the paparazzi were snapping on my very little downtime i wouldn't be that happy either. Seriously though what do we get out of these pics? i wish celebs got a break every now and again. thank good I'm not a celeb i would probably be painted worse that lilo
  4. ^^^^ I think this is what comes with being a celebrity. It's probably one and only disadvantage of being popular. But to be honest I'd still be glad to be a celebrity followed by paparazzi, but able to go for such holidays on a beautiful yacht in the French rivera, than just watch these pics :smile:
  5. I totally understand the price of fame and although i love attention i don't like that kind of attention that tries to manipulate things gosh i have about 3 frenemies already (i avoid them at all costs but sometimes you put on a fake face so there are no issues and drama in the group.) So i don't think i would like to be overtly famous, ironically the career i wish to follow can result in that kind of attention.
  6. That might be Beyonce's he that old yet? I'm not sure.
  7. I love her outfit, looks very cozy. I wouldn't think she's unhappy because her face doesn't seem so "smiley". I'm usually happy but I don't have a grin from ear to ear 24/7. I love seeing these photo's and we can't help but feed the fire of the papperazzi.
  8. interesting pics
  9. She looks relaxed. Nice pics.
  10. uh that little boy looks VERY much like the pics posted of the child who is supposedly Jays son by that video groupie :shocked:
  11. Beyonce and her boo Jay-Z spend another day aboard their private yacht sailing around Cap d’Antibes, France with an unidentified male companion (not Ty-Ty from yesterday).
    Jay-Z, wearing an “Addicted to Joe” t-shirt, looked like quite the playa, puffing away at his Cuban cigar with his arm around his leading lady, one of the most successful women in showbiz.

    They're such a cute couple!
    BJ.jpg BJ2.jpg Bj3.jpg BJ4.jpg Bj5.jpg
  12. A few more
    BJ6.jpg BJ8.jpg BJ9.jpg BJ7.jpg
  13. Their vacations always look so amazing! They always go to St. Tropez and charter crazy yachts, I want the money but not the fame! LOL!
  14. Am I stupid? I thought they broke up :shrugs:
  15. :yes:

    I agree - I look forward to these pics every year to live vicariously you know.