Beyoncé And Her Boots

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  2. She looks pretty. Starting to like her darker hair more and more.
  3. she looks stunning :biggrin:
  4. Don't like the boots
  5. She may look stunning, but she's got the worst sense of style. :s
  6. she looks great! hair color looks really good on her!
  7. Love her hair, hate her boots.
  8. She looks great. Love her new hair.
  9. She looks gorgeous. Not crazy about the boots though.
  10. I think the boots look cool! Not something that I would personally wear, but I like them on her!
  11. Those are boots that I could never pull off, but more power to her!
  12. She looks good
  13. Her hair looks great, but those boots are..just too much for me.
  14. Those are KILLER boots!!!
    I mean, literally !!!!!
  15. Not a fan of the boots but she looks amazing with the darker hair.