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  1. Beware anyone buying Jimmy choo I recentley bought a pair of jimmy choo shoes and i cant believe there customer service is soooo bad i am still fighting it with them untill they will give me my money back as the shoes broke after only wearing them once......
  2. :confused1: Now that is a surprise - I've never had any problems with JC at all. My TARIS were tied incorrectly and were sent away to be re-tied as they didn't have another pair in my size.
  3. WOW, really? i buy my shoes in Toronto from a boutique in Yorkville called Corbo. When i recently bought a pair - i went home and saw that some of the stones were missing & that the setting was loose. I took the shoes back & got them fixed from Jimmy Choo in London.

    That's awful that u had that experience, considering u spend so much on their shoes - u'd think they would give u better customer service!

    I wish u all the best & hope it works out. Don't stop fighting i wouldn't simply b/c as a customer u deserve the quality u pay for & service.