BEWARE :Trader Joe's is selling expired food.

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  1. I just want to warn everybody to be extra careful when shopping at Trader Joes. I have been a fan of TJ for years and granted that I live only a couple blocks away, I pretty much do all my shopping there.

    Lately, I've noticed that they have more older stuff on the shelves - food that expires really soon, but didn't think much of it.

    Yesterday when I was shopping, I was really absent minded and didn't look at the dates carefully. Today I was looking/eating some of the food and noticed the vast majority of it is already expired.

    For example the mushrooms I got are from 9th :wtf:, the yogurts all expired on the 15th :wtf: and the milk on the 16th !

    So for your own safety, please be careful while shopping there ! I just wanted to warn you ,guys, so nobody gets sick or poisoned !
  2. I noticed that with their bagged vegtables. When I get a sandwich or salad I always reach in the back and sure enough the date is much fresher than the ones in the front that expire that day.
  3. I know TJ has a lot of fans, but I don't care for it much. I always feel like there is a reason that their stuff is cheaper.
  4. I like trader joe's but make sure I check the expiration dates of their highly perishable food. Once I got food poisoning from their salmon sausage.
  5. My sister really like's Trader Joe's... there isn't one nearby, so we usually have to drive about 25-30 min. to the nearest one. I don't really shop there often, or anything, it's just not very convenient for me. Thanks for the warning, I usually am pretty good at checking expiration dates on perishable items, but sometimes can be forgetful!
  6. It is not just TJ's watch your dates, always. Recently I was at lucky's and noticed lots of items in the meat section, a good week past their sell dates...I went and got a manager, so they would pull it...that could really make someone sick.
  7. Thanks for the warning, I was just there this morning! I think we need to be careful shopping at ANY store. I always check the dates.

    Actually once at Sephora I got an eye cream that expired the VERY month I bought it, and it was quite pricey! I brought it back the next day for a MUCH fresher one.
  8. They always have at mine! And if not expired, it's about to be.
  9. i think most food stores are like that. i always pay attention to exp dates
  10. This isn't a problem just at TJ's, it's at all grocery stores. That's why it's always important to look at the expiration dates on the products that you buy.
  11. As a consumer and a manager in the grocery business I can say for sure that this happens everywhere. Mostly because customers automatically reach in the back for a fresher date, leaving the older items in the front. Also alot of the people blocking (making items nice and neat on shelves) are young kids that are not taking the time to check the dates and just want to get the job done and go home. It is a common problem that slips through the cracks if you do not have a manager or an experience clerk on the issue.
  12. I've noticed this in TJs, too. I pointed out a date to an employee and she said "But it's good for atleast a week after the expiry date"
  13. There used to be a Dollar store near me when I was a kid and was amazed by all the food they had for so cheap. Family sized bags of chips, frozen dinners, tons of candy for only a dollar. I went there and bought a bag of Cheetos and when I got home they tasted weird and stale and my mom discovered they were expired by almost a year. She went back and was furious after ALL the food she looked at was long expired, even the perishables. They just laughed at her but then the store went out of business like 3 months later. I don't understand how that can be legal, what if someone got sick?
  14. ^^ It's not legal. If the board of health came in the store would have been fined and shut down either for good or until they cleaned up and changed all the products.
  15. I've never noticed a problem at TJs and I'm there all the time. Naturally, as in all grocery stores, a few items can slip through and it's up to us to watch for it!