BEWARE to those W/L for Pomme Hearts from Bev Center

  1. I returned my two defective hearts there yesterday and the SA who was very nice seemed like the defects were no big deal and made the implication that they were going to be if you got a call or get a call that they are in.....beware.

    The date code on one was 0058 or 0048 (speck) and the other one was 5007 (hair)

    Also wanted to note that they did have a silver miroir and an amarante avail as well as a violette cosmetics case

    Rodeo DR had an amarante heart and violette & amarante cosmetics case too.
  2. I am soooo sorry that the hearts were defective! I hate it when SA's brush off the defects. :nogood:Did you end up getting anything during your return?
  3. So sorry for your experience ... have you tried calling other boutiques for a different Pomme?