Beware this listing

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  1. FYI: BEWARE of this listing. This seller, as she states, has tried selling this numerous times on ebay. I actually bought, and won, this bag from this seller. Immidiately after the auction she emails me to tell me that she tried to clear out all the bids from the auction in the last few seconds of the auction because she decided to sell it to a friend instead. I have 100% feedback with ebay and 116 transactions and I have never had a seller wait literally until the last possible second to clear bids from the auction because they decided to sell it through a different path.

    Low and behold, a few days later this same bag from this same seller was up on ebay again?!?!

    So, just an fyi to be wary of this seller. The bag is gorgeous but not worth the risk.
  2. ^^^I remember that listing! I was there all ready to bid and all of a sudden the price just kept going down as she was canceling all the bids.

    Definitely a little guess is she didn't get as much money as she wanted for it
  3. ^^Uh oh....I bought it! Will see what happens. I paid through Paypal so I'm covered regardless, right?
  4. Wow!!! This is crazy, but I was watching this one the last two times it went up for sale.... The last time it was listed, I sent her questions asking why she had it relisted so many times. She responded and then when I went to check the listing, it was no longer available and her user id was no longer a registered user. ???

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you wcofer28!!! If anything, I believe paypal will help.
  5. You should be covered by Paypal if you need to dispute the purchase. The bag really is beautiful and I'll keep my fingers crossed that she was just looking for the perfect buyer for her bag (that's you ;)).
  6. Thanks:heart: I hope you're right!! She claimed to be mailing the bag today and is supposed to send me a tracking number this afternoon, so we'll see.
  7. Aww, the listing was removed. Did you catch the seller's username? I hope you get the bag, though!
  8. I agree, this listing/seller is very strange. The seller tried to sell this bag 4 times, 3 times on ebay (under 2 different IDs, both NARU'd) and 1 time on Bonanzle. To the buyer, I hope it works out for you. Keep us updated!
  9. The listing isn't working. Someone want to post the sellers store or id? Or at least what kind of bag is was? The link above doesn't work.

    Maybe that link will work...

    It is a Coach 2006 Legacy shoulder bag in Pond.....I got a tracking number from the seller a few minutes ago that shows the package has been processed, so we will see what I get in the mail. Hopefully it's what I am expecting! I paid with Paypal so hopefully I am covered if she is trying to pull a fast one on me.
  11. The seller didn't get the price she she lied to back out.
    Unfortunately this makes her a non-performing seller on ebay, but not acting illegally.
    This is part of buying on the bay, and it sux when it happens to you, especially when you REALLY want the item.

    What is funny is after the eBay fees and FVF and relisting and stuff she probably made less than you would have paid OP, she just had to try and make herself feel better about it.

    I hope you get the bag and love it WC.
    And NM, I hope you find another one!
  12. This bag was just delivered to me and it's perfect! Don't know why the seller was weird on all the previous transactions (and had I read this first, I wouldn't have bought), but regardless, the bag is fantastic and I feel like I got a great deal on it. Thanks for all your help!!
  13. Glad to hear it worked out for you, wcofer.
  14. That is SUPER news!
  15. Very glad to hear this, you definitely got a great deal! I'm glad it worked out because I would've felt TERRIBLE since I was the one who posted the deal :Push: