Beware The Magnets On Hayden Harnett Purses

  1. Had a strange experience today. I used a HH purse that has outside pockets that close with magnets, I used BART (rapid transit in SF) today and put my cards in the pocket. When I tried to use the ticket at the end of the trip it was de-magnetized. I had a second ticket with me and when I tried to use that for my return trip, it too had been de-magnetized. I have other purses with magnetic closures and have never had this problem before.
  2. Wow! Which style bag was it?
  3. I have a Dior Rebelle and I had the same thing happen to me. I put a hotel key card in one of the outside pockets and the magnetic closure demagnetized the key card!!:sad: I love my Rebelle but I after that I am very careful about where I place my magnetic cards!!
  4. Wow. Never thought of that. Thanks for the tip!
  5. You have to be careful with magnets on just about anything. Actually, this is why the eelskin wallets got the bad rap a few years ago, it wasn't the eelskin, it was the magnets on the closures. Our bank gives us a little sleeve to put our ATM cards in, it's a kind of fibrous paper that helps shield it.
  6. this should be posted in general discussion in handbags, not in deals and steals.

    and yes, magnets on anything can demagnetize bart cards, metro cards, even credit cards; it's not just HH bags.
  7. yeah, my mom used to have a handbag that did that to all of her cards!