Beware! Super Extreme Terrific High Quality fakes!

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  1. Aren't these great?
    I like to call this one "instant disrespect in the workplace"
    "oh yeah. I wanted to buy in the LV boutique, but I HAD to resort to ebay because they didn't have one with a shoulder strap."
  2. The lack of 33 colors on the MC and the lack of 16 shades on the cherries are obvious giveaways...but I can see how the average ' eBay' buyer would be fooled. Its scary how good fakes are getting.
  3. Kudos to you valleyoppressed for alerting everyone!!!
  4. Here's my contribution to good quality fakes.. both neo speedies, Caannie and Smoothoprter pointed out that it was fake, and it's just uncanny !! One on the left is the fake stamp, one on the right is the real.

  5. Kudos for pointing out the superfakes because from my newbie naked eyes, I am fooled!!

    Ayla, can you elaborate on how you detected the fake stamp because I have no idea what to look for. They both look extremely similar to me.
  6. Ewwwww
  7. The difference is in the shape of the R in the registered stamp, and the P in Paris, also, here's the original thread.
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  8. Look at the spacing of the letters in Louis Vuitton. They are closer together on the authentic. Also the roundness of the "O"'s. Authentics have perfectly round O's.
  9. Wow, good font!! I might got fooled for a second.

  10. LV girly.. what do you mean by 16 shades on the cherries? Can U please explain? Thanks:biggrin:
  11. ^^
    Here is what it says in the care booklet:
    It is also the complex technical process in achieving these cherry patterns that should be highlighted. Today, Louis Vuitton uses the latest innovations in seigraphy to obtain this result. The pattern's realization requires the most precise definition ever used in serigraphy at Louis Vuitton: the outline of the cherry, the stalk, the eyes, the brilliance etc.
    More than 15 different pigments are used to obtain the bright and shimmering colors of the cherry which, in addition to the precision, is a great accomplishment.
    Finally, the gradation of the colors requires a technique inherited from the ceramics industry and that has never been used before in leather-goods. An extremely sharp graphic is what results from this intricate multi-layering of colors.

    The colors are a lot sharper and the shades are a lot more varied on a real one. The cherries are not supposed to be flat red like they appear on the fakes ones, but actually look a little pinkish due to the pigments of white in it. Hope this helps.
  12. wow! *learning
  13. the keepall looks so awful!! both of them actually lol the black multicolor coloring is yuck!.. once you see one in person it's so much easier to tell the real from the fake because the multicolor is so vibrant and bold and every fake i've seen are so muted
  14. i'm learning, too! wow..
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