Beware Poshmark!

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  1. Good Morning,
    Last week I purchased a brand-new with tags Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Neo Speedy as a birthday gift. The purse was listed as such. Minimal number of photos posted. Once I purchased/paid for the bag, the seller released to be authenticated to Poshmark. Poshmark contacted me that the bag was authentic and shipped it to me.

    When I received the bag, I noticed right away water stains on the vachetta handles. The tag is not attached, which was noted in the photos, does not ensure that it is new. Anyone can keep the tags and take a photo later.

    I have been offered a $50 Poshmark credit to be used toward another purchase. Woohoo! :/ Here are my concerns:
    1. Listed as new and is not. When authenticated, certainly Poshmark noticed the stains. I sent photos as verification.
    2. Attached or unattached tag does not verify that the item is "brand-new".
    3. A $50 Poshmark credit does not come close to losing the offer of a gift.

    If she decides that she still wants the bag, then so be it. Will not be purchasing from them in the future. BTW, when I went back to the original listing, I noticed that there were no photos of the top of the handles where the water stains are located. Lesson Learned.

    Warm regards,
  2. Tags come with the bag but dont come attached to the bag so I am not sure what tags they are talking about...
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  3. LVlvoe,
    That was my mistake. The tag has a hole in it, so my incorrect assumption was that it was attached.
    Warm regards,

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  5. You can always ask for more pics on that site if you want. I, too, had a problem with them. I bought a fake North Face Denali jacket and it took about a month to get my money back. I made a boatload selling old clothes though, and had no problems whatsoever! Hit and miss, I guess
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  6. Just return it if it's not as described. Non disclosed watermarks would not be ok with me.
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  7. Get a return label and send it back! Unacceptable!