Beware Of Your Fendi Handbag Purchases!!!

  1. I used to be a big fan of Fendi Handbags, but after my experience with their customer service at the New York Flagship store, I will never purchase from them again. I purchased a hand beaded Baguette that cost me $2400. After some time, the beads along the top, side and whereever the the lining was glued to the bag turned yellow (yes, you can see it clearly that it is all discolored). I brought the bag to the store and after waiting for a response for six weeks, they told me that although they were aware that the glue they used to use turned yellow, they have since changed it, but cannot help me with my problem. No repair, no exchange (even though they said they can see it is in perfect condition and hardly used), nothing. I feel that this is outrageous and will continue to take it up with the President of Fendi North America. If any of you have baguettes that are light colored and hand beaded, check out the bag and see if there is any discoloration yet. If so, please contact me as I have opened a case with New Yorks 7 on your side. Fendi wants to be one of the leading designers of the world, but will not stand behind their product. Don't buy from their boutiques, stick with the Department stores, they value our business.
  2. I'm surprised that they weren't more helpful considering that it was a $2400 bag. That's the problem with all the bags becoming too expensive (over $1000) ... the designers are beginning to think that anyone can afford these bags and are not treating these purchases as big ticket items any more.
  3. How long had you possessed the bag when this happened? Can you post a photo? I'm curious what it looked like.
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    It's becoming more apparent that Fendi do not believe in good customer service and for the amount of money that we are prepared to pay for their products, it seems absurd that they cannot admit when there is a manufacturing fault or general fault in their designs. I really hope you get a good result pursemaven. Keep us informed on your progress.
  5. can you write to their head office in italy?

    hope it works out for you....
  6. Thats appalling Customer Service!! I hope you get it sorted - I would not be a happy bunny and please don't give up!:smile:
  7. I feel sad just reading it. Can't imagine how bad u feel when they gave u such a service.
  8. That is really too bad. I would call Fendi head office and complaint or better yet, tell them a friend of yours works for magazine/paper and how would they like to receive a nasty right up about their CS!:nuts:
  9. Wow. That is really too bad for Fendi rep of customer service in NY Flagship. I guess it really depends where and who you are dealing with. I never have any problem with any of these problems. I bought my two spies from Fendi boutique (Houston) and I always get the best service.
    When I got my first spy, one of the knots on the handles loosen a bit so I returned it to them and they were very nice on handling this and told me that they will replace my bag with the new one and of course I wanted the perfect one. I got the perfect one.
    But I think Fendi knew they have problem with some of their spy bags from the complain, etc but my SA told me that they have improved and they wanted to make sure those problem will not reoccuring. Well, Let hope they keep their words. So far so problem with my spies after carrying them for a while.
  10. i am surprised coz with that kinda money spent, i would have thought that they, at Fendi, would try to be accomodating. i think that i will be furious too! do you have a pic of your bag?
  11. i'm so sorry this had to happen to you. i've heard alot about fendi quality issues... not so much with their evening bags, but alot with their SPY bags. i experienced it myself, in fact. i bought the BROWN PYTHON spy bag when it FIRST came out and was so excited about it, until i brought it out with me just ONCE and the clasp wouldn't close anymore at all. another person i know of who also bought tbe brown python (mind you, it costs about $6700) had the dye leak onto her clothing!
    i ordered mine from the ny flagship as well, and they were not accomodating and were going to force me into a store credit or exchange only. i refused and demanded a full refund since it was defective, they rejected me. i finally took it up with some guy named scott from a different customer division within fendi. i explained to him my rights because the bag was defective and they finally cracked and even refunded all the shipping costs they charged me for.
    my suggestion is to take it as far up as you can go, or contact your credit card company. if you used amex, i've heard great things about their purchase protection programme. good luck!
  12. $2400 that's much!! i dunno wat to say...just feel bad reading this. good luck!
  13. Oh thats terrible but it appears most Fendi boutiques are known for poor service! My friend bought a purse once and they forgot to give her part of her bag. It was something that was suppose to be attached to the purse but they never put it in her bag for her. So she had to call them and they sent her one with no apologies for their carelessness.
  14. Really disappointed in the quality of some of Fendi's bags.. from this to Spy bags falling apart.... wtf? Spending so much on a bag, it should be indestructable
  15. After reading about ur unfortunate dealings with Fendi, I will never shop threre again. I have heard so many negative things about their poor customer service. My son purchased a $300.00 belt and paid cash. It was too small so I returned it two days after he bought it only to be told I had to take store credit. It had to be returned by Jan 4th or could not even exchange it. I called customer service in new york and got no satisfaction. I have purchased in just about every designer store and they all have a return policy except Fendi. I was give a web site to contact to voice my complaint which no longer exists. Why shop in Fendi when you can purchase from Neimans or Sax where there is a return policy. I was with a friend when she went to Fendi to complain about her purse, they did not want to hear anything and she got no satisfaction. I am sorry this happened to you, but hopefully you willl get some satisfaction.