Beware of Victoria's Secret, check your credit card!

  1. I purchased a pair of boots & a pair of shoes from Victoria's Secret for my daughter. The amount was 139.75usd. When I checked my credit card bill, I noticed that the charge was way higher than the dollar value in my currency. I called my credit card company and instead of charging me 139.75usd Victorias Secret had billed me with 293.94usd! I am awaiting their reply by email but my credit card company will do handle this if I don't have a reply today, I just have to post them the invoice!
  2. Wow that´s a huge difference! Hope you get your money back fast.
  3. Yikes thats not good... I will make sure to check my debit card after I purchase something from them... I hope you get this handled :smile:
  4. Wow, good thing you noticed!
  5. I hope you call your credit card company!
  6. Oh it has been explained now the invoice was in my currency & the charge to my credit card was in usd that is the difference, most peculiar that they would invoice me in my currency!
  7. How strange they do it that way. Lucky it is solved.