Beware of Tokidoki Fakes on ebay!

  1. You can contact eBay if you want. I know a lot of the ladies here do contact eBay regarding fakes but I don't know if eBay will do anything about it. Also LeSportsac fakes are not only limited to the Tokidoki line, fakes of their regular line are constantly sold on eBay.
  2. thats so sad! I emailed the highest bidder and told her about it. She had no idea! I feel so bad for the ones who bid and think they are getting a great bag at a great price, but then turns out they paid money for something that isnt real and most likely made poorly.
  3. Ugh. Thanks for the heads up..they make fakes of EVERYthing these days. :push:
    But also, be careful of emailing the highest bidder..ebay can suspend your account for bid tampering.
  4. yeah i thought they were fake...i dont even think they make that kind of style :p
  5. Wow, I would never think there would be fake Tokidoki bags. But they do look off when you look at them.
  6. Wow, good tip, Iam surprised...but I guess I should n't be.
  7. All the fakes I've seen on ebay have looked fake to me but last week on a yahoo auction I found some really really good fakes. ill try and find the pix again. Good fakes scare me cuz I like to bid on ebay.
  8. Thanks for the tips! Could you all help on telling how to distinguish which ones are fakes?
  9. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. Here's a picture of a really good fake. The only way that you can tell this one is fake is because the hardware should be green. This bag is from Singapore. Your best bet is to not buy anything from overseas.
  11. i didn't know they would do that!! I am glad that i've never attempted to email a high bidder then to let them know they were bidding on a fake!
  12. Oh I know..I didn't know about it until pretty recently. They have a whole section about it..
    Transaction Interference
  13. i can't believe how GOOD that fake looks! i mean, the material and detailing are RIGHT on, heck, i wouldn't have noticed the hardware wasn't the right color! thanks for the post.
    only buying lesport from the store myself then.... there goes any type of deal!