beware of this seller on ebay

  1. this seller xxxxxxxxbrought on eBay to resell under id xxxxxx which is fine but she made up stories about how she obtained those items which i think is highly unethical. i can't warn people over at eBay because eBay just pulled my post over there.

    i'll give you some examples so you'll know what i'm talking about.

    xx orginal item brought on ebay

    xx listed for resell that she stated Purchased from Prada Bal Harbour a few years ago for $1075 + tax on sale

    xx brought it used
    xx sold it as new

    xx gucci bag brought on ebay even the box and dust cover was brought on ebay
    xx stated in aution that Purchased from the Gucci UK website a few months ago for GBP 515 (approx US $1050)

    xx brought on ebay

    xx stated that Purchased for $980 plus tax at the end of last year from Gucci

    does this bother you?
  2. There are loads of resellers on ebay. I buy Gucci items to resell- If people have not listed them very well, bad photos, no reserve, finish at silly times etc

    They are not doing anything wrong, as long as they are selling authentic items i do not see the problem!
  3. of course she's not doing anything wrong by reselling what she brought... i'm just very bother with her made up stories about how she acquired them. she outright lied about the prada bag she brought used but sold it as new.

    i'm not bashing any reseller i just wanted to give members in here a head-up. it is getting harder to find honest sellers on ebay.
  4. I have known xx for about 5 years through the eBay community boards and elsewhere.
    There is NO reason to "beware" of her. Her things are AUTHENTIC and usually priced well. This forum is supposed to be all about how to avoid being defrauded, and therefore I think this post is way out of line. xx is a huge collector of Prada, and other brands, and honestly? How do you know she didn't buy a used bag and sell a new one that she had bought elsewhere? You are making a lot of assumptions here. Prada bags aren't exactly one of a kind, it's highly likely that she DID buy two of the same thing at some point.

    That being said, even if she is buying them on eBay for resale and referring to Prada stores in the listings, she MIGHT be talking about where the original owner purchased the bag. She's not trying to say that she went from Australia (where she lives) to Bal Harbour to buy a bag, right? She is just saying "this bag came from this store, on this date, and was this much money". Is it totally clear? Not really. Would I do it as a seller? Actually, no, I wouldn't.

    But it's also pretty much totally irrelevant because the bottom line is this: the bag is authentic, she ships quickly and is honest about condition, shipping charges, etc., and there is no fraud concern with her.

    I think before you besmirch a seller's reputation, you really should make sure they are doing something either unethical or illegal first. There is nothing dishonest here, in my opinion, you're filling in the blanks.
  5. if that user really was saying that items were new, which were used it's not fair, BUT as pointed out above ^^^ who knows if she did buy another identical bag? maybe it's unlikely but it's possible.

    there are bigger fish in the sea to worry about, like the ones that sell outright fakes.
  6. I agree with CynthiaNYC it is very unfair to put in the title beware this seller, if she has worked to build up a good reputation and actually sells authentic stock, gets out on time etc, etc and if people are still getting a good deal whats the prob??
  7. JMO but you jumped the gun here starting this thread---ITA with Ebay for removing your post and think this should be removed from here as well...

    It is hard enough to find a seller with authentic merchandise. If you don't like that fact she is a reseller or has embelished her listing - don't shop with her. Items are authentic and this is totally out of line IMHO.
  8. xx is a great seller! She is very accurate and reliable at authenticating Pradas, I value her opinion. I am really disturbed by the OP. As stated above, you don't know the whole story. Maybe she did buy the bag new, and got the same one on eBay for a fraction of the price due to poor listing etc, and sold her original one.
    And quite frankly, that is just mean to 'out' her buying and selling id's. I would be furious if someone did that to me. I keep mine separate so I can post about fakes without having the deceptive fake bag sellers interfering with my authentic auction out of spite.

    Hope this thread gets removed!
  9. this is a brilliant idea! i don't know why i didn't think of this before. i MUST create a new ID just for buying now.
  10. And not to be nitpicky, it's bought, not brought. I bought a bag; I didn't brought a bag.
  11. ^^:roflmfao:

    OMG roey!!!! I am cracking up over here, I have seen this so many times and wanted to say the same thing. Thanks for the laugh.:lol:
  12. I don't understand why you take offense to long as they are real. I get a lot of my merchandise at second hand stores, goodwill, and other thrifts....I make a huge profit on most of the items. I also buy on ebay for resell, I don't understand the problem really.
  13. I actually do have a problem with someone buying something as used and then selling it as new. The names have been blacked out now but if I knew a seller was doing that I would not buy from them. The chances of her buying the bag used and then selling a NWT one on three different items is too low - maybe one, but not three. I do think it is unethical. A used bag will go for less money than a new bag, and the seller knows it and is out-and-out lying. Honestly, I think if you did that here on the MP at purseforum and someone found out you would probably be kicked off of it.

    Now if this seller is selling it as used and simply lying about where she got it before it was used, that's not as big a deal IMHO because at least the buyer still knows it was used. I think that falls into the grey area of "little white lie."

    Honesty, though, I can see why this person was upset, because while I don't mind little white lies the level of lying one finds acceptable is very personal. I would, however, not have outed the buying ID of the seller.
  14. Don't get me wrong I agree with the Used versus NWT issue ~ I disagree with the exposing of the seller that was done...

    Since it has been mentioned above ~
    This is by far NOT the only seller doing this...There are HUNDREDS of sellers that will list a bag as NWOT or NWT when in fact they have carried the bag---THAT does not qualify as NWOT or NWT... Even if you have only carried the bag ONE time for TWO hours~the bag is USED...You cannot list your bag as either NWOT or NWT. Check Ebay guidelines/standards for using those descriptions...Those that are doing this are leaving themselves open for a SNAD or removal of their Ebay listing. Heads up if you are a seller doing this. I can tell you first hand that I purchased a bag that was sold to me with the listing header containing NWT and the description header containing NWT and was sent a bag that had been carried - when asked seller stated it was only used twice and they still had the tags so... In another case one that was sold NWOT and seller then admitted to it being carried for just ONE night but couldn't find the tags when I emailed back about the bag... I have filed SNADS. I have purchased - received - inspected - filed SNAD and WON... You are not describing the bag as it is-you sold by description a bag the has NEVER been carried but is either with the tags - or you indicate NWOT like you got the bag were loving it removed the tags but then never got around to using it...ANYTHING else is USED...

    People need to list like it is... List as MINT or EUC but you cannot or should not list NWOT or NWT...

    Ok I am finished ranting - just thought this would be a good thread to mention this since it seems to be the main focus that remains here...

    Again my issue originally was with the OUTING of the seller ID...
    You can sell a bag that you purchase on Ebay and indicate where the bag came from originally(store) if you want - Would I do this NO - I personally get alot of deals on Ebay and then flip them to share with someone else - I will always tell where I got the bag--- but if someone else wants to elaborate or omit that info who cares...(If you really want to know you can check it out for yourself with a little research anyway)
  15. I agree, hundreds of sellers do this, if they told the truth it's not like you would be itching to buy the item. If you believe everything you read on Ebay you are a mug. I've also come across plenty of instances of used bags being sold as NWT or NWOT. A lot of tags these days are removable in a way that they can still be re-attached. Just the fact that the tag is on there would not be sufficient for me to believe a bag was NWT.