Beware of this buyer "sakisfan" at ebay!!!

  1. Hi guys and girls,

    I want to make sure there will be no-one else getting scammed by this person. :tdown: He might have many other names through eBay or yahoo auction. He is a professional con-artist who have repeatedly cheat on your items.

    Here's the whole story: I sold a Saona messenger through eBay this March, this man bid on it and won the auction. He paid up 2 days later and send out my item afterwards. After he got the bag he gave me a positive feedback and so did I. However, (here's the twist) the next day he reported to Paypal that my bag is fake nad blah blah for 2 pages making up all stupid excuse and requested a refund.

    He is definitely a professional and he elevated the whole thing to claim without giving me anytime to response to his question. (I think is a fault to paypal). After dragged on for 2 weeks I agreed to refund the money (because my account is frozen, cannot receive or send out $$ through paypal due to this stupid claim.)

    So, he send me made me parcel with all the pictures indicated that the bag had been included in the parcel. He also used "return-receipt" on the mail so that he can have a proof to paypal that he had send me a parcel. After 3 days, I received the parcel, and of course "Voila" there is nothing inside but a couple of plastic bag. I was totally astonished. I sent email to this guys and he never replied. I made a police record and contacted Paypal asking them to stop the reversal of the money to him but they ignored me.:cursing::cursing::cursing:

    So what did I do? After waited for another 2 weeks and ensured that my money had been drawn out, I report the whole story to Hong Kong police. They had accepted my case and just finished investigating this case.

    This because he is stupid enough to send me the empty box without putting anything inside, the weight and cost of the parcel became the key to this case. I took the parcel I received to the post office and found out that the postage paid for an empty box is the amount shown on the box, in which if you just put a dustbag inside the postage will cost more than it should be.

    They found out that he had been doing this for a few times already, therefore I post this message to your guys just to make sure there will be nobody else get scammed. Good luck to you all and hopefully I can get my money back from Paypal soon................:sad::sad::sad:
  2. OMG...So sorry.But I hope you'll get your money at least...
  3. What a scammer.:cursing:Sorry to hear this, hope you get your money back.
  4. Omg! how scary! people these days are so evil!! This made me think twice about buying something from eBay. Good luck getting your money back.
  5. Thats terrible, so sorry to hear that . Hope you can get your money back soon.
  6. Omg so sorry to hear that happened to you! wow that is so pathetic.:cursing:
    It's shocking to hear he has done it before..And ebay hasnt done anything much..Couldnt they do something like a account and ip ban? so he can't go on ebay any more? I hope you get your money back!!
  7. :wtf:... that is a very scary story...... Perhaps there should be more things that ebay sellers can do to protect themselves??
  8. :wtf: Noé!!!!! i hope this gets resolved and your money back. that eBay ID sounds very familliar. are they sellers too?
  9. so sorry to hear! here's hoping you get your money back. and thanks for letting us know here
  10. I'm so sorry to hear this and hope you'll somehow find a resolution. I can't believe he had the nerve to send back an empty box! I expected you to say he sent you a tacky fake in it's place. Have you asked to speak to someone in PayPal's legal department?

    That is a true fault in PayPal .. some of their policies that while well intention don't seem to allow for real situations.

    Why do a few jerks have to ruin such a great venue such as eBay ... there SHOULD be a safe please for people to buy/sell items without worry of being cheated!
  11. Sorry to hear about this - and thank you for letting us know.

    How low can you go :cursing:
  12. Wow that is a clever scam!

    Not quite as clever as he thought though, good on you for taking it further and thanks for the warning!
  13. Wow the scams get better and better everyday. I would be so scared to pull something like that.. Postal Fraud is highly punishable.Thats the FEDS and don't no one want to mess with them.
    Gosh ebay and paypal does nothing and continues to let this go.. All the fees and there is no proctection..its a mess. I am so sorry for your loss and I hope you get your bag and money back..
    Gosh I can not believe he sent and empty box !!!!
  14. thanks you all for the support.
    I just really want to warn anyone who is also selling in Ebay sometimes it's not the buyer who got cheated, the seller could do! I don't think that "jerk" is doing any selling right now, he must have some other ways to sell the bag. But it just frustrated that the feedback actually reflects nothing. (that guy had over 100 positive feedback if you check him, he even bought some other expensive items also, ie. Prada bag) :wtf:
  15. It sucks that paypal and ebay don't have protection set up for the sellers. They have all these extra features set up for buyers, even the new extended feedback. BUT nothing for sellers, paypal seller protection sucks. Anyhway, good luck. I hope it isn't a great deal of money.