Beware Of The Sharpey.....

  1. I have worn my SHARPEY bag like 3 times...for short periods of time....Its is showing WEAR like u wouldnt beleive!The leather is so soft and fragile..i actually have WHITE spots comin up on it..The handles even show signs of wear from just holdin them!LOL!UGH!HOW FRUSTRATING!
    Just a heads up..Im gonna ask my CHANEL SA if there have been issues with this bag.But It shouldnt be THAT fragile for a OVER 3000.oo dollar bag.I had NO probs with the SOFT CHAIN line at why is this showing wear so bad...eeeek@!
    Im stuck with I ll just use it sparingly...but please beware of this if u have plans to buy from this EXPENSIVE ligne!
  2. Wow. That's really a shame. Maybe you should return it.
  3. Sounds defecitve....even if you have had it for more than 14 days, I would see if they can take it back due to defect....for that money I would be making a HUGE stink until something was done.

    That is terrible... I am so sorry....and thanks for the heads up. I love the bag, but I am not going to even go near it now.
  4. nooooooooooooooo return it, thats very very shoddy of Chanel! I'm raging on your behalf grrrrrrrrrrrrr
  5. I would definitely speak to your SA especially with the volume you purchase Jill. I am sure they will exchange or give a credit. Although the Sharpey is gorgeous, $3,000 is a lot of money for a tote that you have to use sparingly. Keep us posted on what happens...
  6. oh no...! :sad:
  7. Oh no, that sounds really bad! Sorry to hear that Jill. Chanel should definitely take the bag back. Thanks for letting us know..
  8. Aww that sucks! I actuallu saw the Sharpey for the first time irl yesterday. It's a really cute bag, I'm shocked that it's not living up to it's price tag.
  9. Awww! That's awful.... Spending $3000+ is just as horrible!!
  10. Oh noooooo!!!!!!! Jill, you should NOT have to be stuck with it...that's just ridiculous!! I mean, we're talking about a $3k should not start falling apart on you like that!!! :wtf:
  11. Sorry to hear about your bag, but I definitely think Chanel should be able to do something for you.
  12. You gotta return it right away - that's completely unacceptable. I would be in tears if it happened to me. Good luck!!
  13. What a disappointment this must be... I have a similar problem with my perfo flap although i love it and it is quite modern it has lost its shape completely...
  14. No way! I would definitely take it back. $3,000+ is a lot of money to spend on a bag that's going to show wear after only 3 uses.:tdown:
  15. Wow Jill I remember how excited you were when you got this bag....thanks for the update!