Beware of the lingo "exchange" at Kays

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  1. I dont know if this is allowed but I wanted to rant by Kays. I finally decided to upgrade my ring I got back in 2014. I picked out one that was bigger in size but similar in design to my old one. Its been about 70 days, the halo on the ring bothers me at night, so I figure, I can exchange it because I was passed the return. I go in and specifically ask if I can exchange it. She goes yes, and goes through the process of the exchange. I noticed a few days later, my bill is really big and im like well the other ring price wasn't taken off. So I call and ask about an estimated time it should fall off, the women who sold me the ring basically said that it was to stay on there because I did an exchange. Now call me crazy, but when you exchange something at a store, you take it back, either trade it for equal value or pay the difference if the item is more right. After arguing for 2 days and then speaking to the manager, I find out that basically she thought I wanted to add the ring to my bill, but I GAVE HER MY NEWEST UPGRADE BACK, WHY WOULD I GIVE U MY OLD ONE BACK IF I WANTED TO SIMPLY ADD ONE. So i told her I wanted the original one I traded up to back and she can credit my account.

    Then, she has to call customer service because she f's up and cant fix it. I also found out Kays doesn't always have a manager in store, reason why it took like an hour to fix whatever she screwed up when refunding the other ring back.
    I am just aggravated because im spending a lot of money for them to lie and basically over charge me. She tried to tell me its different with trade ins, and I searched the site and my receipt and there's no differentiation on there for trade ins vs regular purchases. In fact it says "You can return your item at any Kay Jewelers store for up to 60 days of purchase or exchange it within 90 days. Watches may be returned or exchanged within 30 days. We can issue refunds from, but exchanges must be done at a Kay store".
    Theres nothing special about trade ins on the site at all.

    Sorry if this is long, but I wanted to warn others about Kays. They truly are the worst and I wont be buying anything else after this.
  2. Total scam. Just call your credit card company and dispute the claim. That should take care of it.
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