BEWARE of the A 550045

  1. Girls,
    I have been shopping for a Fendi Spy for probably about 5 mos. now. I recently noticed a repeat serial # that occurs on a lot of the fake spies selling on eBay...usually on the black nappa spy.

    if you see a serial # on the hologram with "A 550045"'s FAKE!!!!

    I'm sure everyone probably already noticed this and knows about it...but if you don't, now you do! There are at least 3 spys on eBay right now with this serial #.

    Hope this is helpful to any new Spy-obsessed people ;)
  2. Cheers for the heads up - well spotted.
  3. thanks for the info!!!
  4. Thanks for the info.
  5. Thanks!!! For being so helpful..
  6. Good to know. Thanks!
  7. Good catch. I would've never noticed that. Thanks.
  8. Thank you!:yes:
  9. You know what wouldn't be a surprise? Another possibility is that the fakers are cutting and pasting a pic of the same serial number shot. Thanks for letting us know! Great catch!
  10. thanks..very helpful.
  11. Thank you to all who helped me determine that my FENDI Spy (Leather Tab Serial 211 8BR511 R01 059) (Hologram Tab A over 550045)is a very good fake. Purchased when eBay was still the "Wild West" of designer bags years ago...............Sad, but I truly appreciate this forum's dedication to the truth.