Beware of seller dirtysocks88 selling fake Mulberrys on Ebay


Jan 31, 2010
This guy has just changed his username from 123-captainkirk to dirtysocks88.
He duped me out of £300 for a fake bayswater. He also duped others who I have been in contact with and they all got their money back through paypal too.
It baffles me as to why Ebay has not suspended this seller...they have removed many of his listings while he used the username '123-captainkirk' for 'breaching their policies'...i.e., selling counterfeit handbags.
Anyway, I keep an eye out for 123-captainkirk on Ebay now and I am doing my best to get this fraudulent seller suspended after what he did to me and others.
I have just noticed that he has changed his username TODAY to dirtysocks88, which makes me think that he is about to sell some more bags this weekend.
So keep an eye out for dirtysocks88 and if he's selling anything fraudulent, PLEASE report him to Ebay.
I'm sure the ladies on the AT thread will help identify if items are fake.