BEWARE OF SELLER "dancing*in*my*manolos"!!!

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  1. BEWARE! This seller is fake! She/he will just take your money and then send you something else then claim that there has been a mistake blah blah blah. Please do not buy from this person! She/he even claims that she/he is a TPFer. The nerve!

    FYI her email address is
  2. How on earth did they maintain 100% feedback? I guess the madness is just beginning. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. He PF ID is "romie-omie"
  4. kind of a harsh accusation w/o any facts?
  5. :tdown: thank you for posting... i just read the eBay post too.....
  6. ok just read the threads in the eBay forum.. yikes :wtf:
  7. gosh, this is so sad... all it takes are a few crummy sellers and eBay starts looking a whole lot less appealing.
  8. uh oh...I hope I get my Uggs I ordered's been two weeks already. I didn't even research the seller, I was so anxious to get them.
  9. paula2329, i am sorry you bought from the same seller too. i hope you get your Uggs or your money back. you might want to skip over to ebay forum & read this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.