BEWARE of really GOOD FAKE Signature Stripe Satchel......

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  1. ....on eBay (which Seller claims came from DILLARDS)!! I even had this eBay auction authenticated on the "authenticate this" thread before bidding and I had gotten the "OK" on this. Visually, everything seemed to appear real but when I got it in person, the "leather" reeked of "man-made" leather/plastic. The stitching was very slanted in many areas. The Seller had given me the new silky Dust Bag than the brown one shown on the auction but the bag appears to be the same as her auction's.

    I don't have anything in this "collection" so I didn't know whether I'd gotten something real or Fake. But after running my pics past Superstar and Divalicioust, I've determined that I'd gotten a VERY GOOD FAKE! I went ahead and just returned it to the Seller on Friday. The Seller had stated she'll be taking 15% off of my refund for restocking because she INSISTS this purse came from DILLARDS and she has the receipt to prove. Well, either she's lying or DILLARDS just sold her a very good Fake! In light of everything that's happening, either one could be possible. This is the 2nd time something like this has happened to me when buying on eBay and I've pretty much given up on ever buying Coach on Ebay ever again. I'll just stick to buying from the Boutique or the Outlets to be on the safer side. I went ahead and ordered the REAL deal from JAX yesterday. But I'm sharing the photos of the Ebay FAKE bag I got so everyone can see how "real" these FAKES appear.

    Here is the Ebay auction I'd won:

    Note the symmetry of all the "c's" on this FAKE purse, it's "centered" on every single side of this purse (I don't know if this is the norm since I don't own any Sig Stripe items) but if it's not, it's a dead give-away to anyone who knows better! Note all the slanted stitching on this Fake! (Note: The Seller gave me the parrot keyfob as a "gift", which also got returned w/ the purse - but the keyfob I believe is real)

    Divalicioust has kindly offered to post pics of her own REAL Sig Stripe Denim Satchel for comparison (when she gets the chance), since I don't have my authentic version yet.....

    ***The creed & strap photos will be on a 2nd posting***
    DSC01725_tpf-SM.JPG DSC01724_tpf-SM.JPG DSC01726_tpf.JPG DSC01733_tpf.JPG DSC01732_tpf-SM.JPG
  2. Here are pics of the FAKE's creed, interior zip pull, and undersides of the straps. The zipper pull on the interior zip pocket was of a cheap zipper (not labelled "YKK" which is typical of Coach). Note the stitchings are all sloppy and slanted. The undersides of the straps have the appearance of stitches into "man-made" material vs. real leather. (Sorry for the blurry pics, it's as "close" as I could get my camera to zoom up to). The Coach price tag seems to appear authentic but that could be DILLARDS doing, not sure.
    DSC01723_tpf.JPG DSC01721_tpf.JPG DSC01734_tpf.JPG DSC01737_tpf.JPG DSC01738_tpf.JPG
  3. taht looks real to me????
  4. That still looks completely authentic to me. :confused1:
  5. Yah, I really think that is real...I for some reason do not see anything wrong with this purse at all:confused1:
  6. idk from the pictures it looks real.

    If she purchased it from Dillard's wouldn't it have the yellow sticker on it?
  7. Jess I told you this bag is real. Looks identical to mine.
  8. I got a wallet from ebay that was from dillards, and the sticker had been taken off.
  9. Hi Superstar, is your stitching around the bag and the hang tage on a slant and crooked, mine is straight, also she said the leather smelled plasticy.
  10. Why did you return it already as well? You should have waited, did she make you pay the restocking fee?
  11. honestly, I'd put money on that being authentic.. I don't see one thing that you are talking about. :shrugs:
  12. Here's a picture of the stitching on my satchel.

    oops forgot to attach, be right back.
  13. This looks just like mine , if this is a fake then this is one of the best I have seen
  14. It looks perfect to me? Hmm... That would suck for the eller if it really is authentic...

    Maybe this bag was just made sloppy by Coach cause we all know they aren't perfect?
  15. The stitching on my bag looks fine. But I can tell you that I've seen many bags that have the stitching on the hang tag crooked. As for the plastic smell mine smells like leather. I think she thinks the other side of the handles look plastic, but mine look just like this too.
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