Beware of Hinna Amina Anna Arshad *see pg 26 for detective info*

  1. lambloveschanel all the power to you

    LivinLuxuriously i'm glad the transaction between you and her went smoothly, but that's how it all started with me, too and when i decided NOT to go through with it, she flipped out. for all i know, the bag could have been real and it would have been 'fine'. but i would be miserable knowing i got a bag from someone who scammed SO many other gals, and who really knows HOW she got that violet chanel? i know i am going to get my money back so i'm not worried about that, but i merely posted this story to share my experience and warn all the TPFers of her.

    btw everyone, i forgot to mention! when the bag was back in transit to her, i called fedex to ask if her signature would be required. they said no so i freaked out but figured it wasn't going to be MY responsibility. right before it was supposed to get back to her, i told my best friend, i bet you if they leave it at her door she will claim never to have received it.


    i was right! so when i emailed her for the 100th time saying hey you already got it back where is my money, she says, oh this has been a nightmare, i trusted you! now the bag is lost, they left it at my doorstep. i was lmao and told her it was a problem between her and fedex now. 2 weeks later i called fedex to ask if a claim has been made and they said no.
  2. MANY people were defrauded, not just you and the two ladies from LVLU. There were many on this forum, and apparently on other forums as well so GOOD FOR YOU for having the cajones to speak up!
  3. come to think of it, she'd asked me NOT to post anything about the violet, i thought it was weird and totally ignored her request. i thought to myself, WHY would i not want to post the fact that i'm getting my holy grail bag?!?!?!
  4. I am so sorry to hear such a horrible thing like this has happened to you and so many other members. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us, hopefully it will make it easier to catch her once she strikes again, I wish you the best of luck through this experience.
  5. This is a thread calling attention to someone who has scammed many people. This is not a thread for personal beef. Let's keep it that way.
  6. I am sad enough to know all about Fashions awful problem :sad: I should know, this ***** Hinna sold the EXACT same bag to me first!

    She emailed me out of the blue via the Fashion Spot and offered me the bag of my dreams, (it makes me sometimes think, should we not take our wish lists off of our avatars?, as she sure saw my wishlist here). Ofcourse, because I wanted this bag so very much, I practically bit her hand off.

    I paid her via Paypal, I feel such an idiot now, as I knew nothing about her, except that she was a member of a forum, and had the bag I wanted so very much. Its just crazy, sometimes, the desperate need we have for something, which makes even the most cautious of us, act like lunatics.

    Anyway, for whatever reason, 3 days after I paid her, she did refund me, but it was only to sell the bag to Fashion????

    I had the luckiest escape ever, she sent me an email full of lies, that she was so very, very sorry, but that once I had paid her, she had emailed her sister to tell her to pack and ship it to me, but that her sister couldnt bring herself to send the bag as she wanted it for herself (funny! she had told me when I agreed to the sale, that the bag was with her in person and she would send the same day!, she is just one lie after the other!). Most sickening for me though, was that she then forwarded the email full of these lies on to fashionispoison, to tell her gleefully that this is what she had told me and that the bag was now hers, she really was that awful :cursing:.

    I told fashionispoison at the time, I do not blame her at all, it was a bag that alot of people were desperate for, so for her to agree to buy the bag from Hinna, even after knowing that I had already paid for it, well that was just a misjudged call, but this Hinna I am sure, just fed fashionispoison even more lies and made it seem like its fine to do this :censor:.

    I cannot stress enough, it was a tough lesson learnt for me. We have a great time on forums, BUT we dont necessarily KNOW each other. so just always, always err on the side of caution. I know im much more mistrusting now, it was a really awful time for me .

    I just look back now, and think gosh, I was one of the lucky ones, as she let me down heinously, but atleast I got my money back. She deserves to be prosecuted for all of the people she let down.

    She is absolutely vile
  7. ooh breaking news, just found a more up to date picture of her for you ;)

  8. I am so sorry you are dealing with this crap! Ugh. I think PayPal is worthless. They were awful about a scam on eBay when I went to them about it and I lost my money too. : ( I hope you are able to recover the rest of your money.
  9. How horrible to hear your stories! I'll stick to boutiques for now. Eek. It's so sad that a few bad apples like this "Hinna" ruin it for the legitimate sellers out there.
  10. wow, Im so sorry about all of this. I know you will get your money back. i love tpf, I feel very safe with the marketplaza, and now I am glad that we have to be screened to get in. I trust the people I have met off of this forum, a few have become very good friends. Thank god I never had any drama and have had only good times. Yes Karma is a ***** and she will get hers! If she is reading this, its never to late to make up for the bad things you have done, come clean and pay the money you owe!!!!
  11. Thank you so much for defending us. That chick is a piece of work, I sent her money for a chanel cashmere scarf via paypal, over a year ago after sending her the money, she had excuses why she couldn't send it after 3 weeks, I realised that she had no intentions of sending the scarf so I contacted her every day for my money back via e-mail. I got her phone number from someone she scammed, and I tried calling back to back leaving messages then one day she changed her phone number and her e-mail address! I contacted paypal and they couldn't refund me my money I paid with a balance I had from paypal NOT a CC something I'll never do again. Fashionpoison, thank you so much for starting this thread, I hope you succeed in going after her because she's like TEFLON NOTHING it'll be nice to see that she gets hers!

    Hi Hinna! who's the ***** now! *waves*;)
  12. I am really sorry to hear about your story. You did have a lucky "escape". :yes:

    And I am serious here. Has somebody called the FBI?

    Because what she does, is no different from all other cross-state crimes I know of. It's fraud and god knows where she "gets" the bags. If she's with Columbia Law School as she claims to be, I want every prospective employer to know that her dishonesty instantly disqualifies her from practising law after graduation (and I do not care how well she does in law school). I am not trying to ruin this person's career but the less people like this in my profession, the better.

    We love our handbags but that doesn't mean that we are meant to be scammed.
  13. wow i cannot believe how many people she's scammed...
  14. Another suggestion: there seems to be a recurring theme to these incidents, that include non-receipt of packages. If I were scammed by her, I'd be calling loss prevention at Fedex and UPS, and the Postal Inspector. These companies actually investigate non-delivery fraud and keep databases on people who claim repeatedly that packages are not delivered. In fact, they are known to set up sting operations to surveille people who claim packages are left and that they don't receive them.

    I would also suggest contacting loss prevention at upscale stores near where this person lives. I am sure these scams are the tip of the iceberg and letting loss prevention in these organizations know what is going on may help with law enforcement involvement also. I would bet money that LP in Nordstrom and other stores already have her on their watch lists. These incidents are a peices in a much larger puzzle this person is involved in, IMO.

  15. Google should cache this thread if someone searches for her by name.