Beware of Hinna Amina Anna Arshad *see pg 26 for detective info*

  1. all right took me a lot of courage to do this but i thought it was time for me to post this recent nightmare i found myself in. i actually had vlad if it was okay to post this thread and got the go :okay:. i want to share this traumatic experience with you all so that it never ever happens to anyone here...:crybaby:

    I am a member of, i met this girl whose sn was exoticarbcuen :yucky: she and i seemed to have a lot in common, both like CL shoes, chanel and bbags. i was genuinely happy with finding a 'friend' that was also from California. she told me she had gone to berkeley for undergrad and that she was in columbia law school, where she transfered to from berkeley law school but that she was in a study abroad program in Argentina. Well, we soon exchanged phone numbers and would share information about our obsessions via text, I never had one single phone conversation with her though I did call her when the Nordstrom sale started to ask if she wanted me to hold a pair of sale CLs but she didn't pick up because she 'was in class'. i really didn't think much of it. so one day she tells me she's going to sell the bag i've been wanting- a purple lambskin chanel jumbo. i quickly told her i wanted it and she sent me pictures. she asked for $2811 and i paid immediately. so she said that the bag was supposedly with her sister in sacramento and that her sister was going to mail it. i waited 2 weeks until she said her 'stupid sister' didn't send it out but that she would since she just got back to california from argentina.

    hope i didn't lose you yet..

    someone posted a pic of a violet chanel jumbo on here and i commmented saying i was getting it. lo and behold, i get PMs from gals asking me how and where...a big big thank you to the lovely TPFer who warned me. Hinna had apparently scammed other TPF gals as well as LVLU and perhaps another forum..

    sadly it was too late by then..i had already issued the payment. $2100 with my credit card and the rest with money i had in paypal. so i decided to reject the shipment and sent it back to her. i emailed her that day telling her i was in total shock of everything i found out about her...she blatanly denied everything. there are threads on her at the marketplace but not all of us have access to them :sad:

    she said that everyone who talked badly of her were united and that they had nothing better to do...i have a transcript of every text msg we exchanged because i used my email on my blackberry and its backed up on my email server. i told her everything i'd done was to protect myself and that i wanted my money back. i didn't want the bag considering it might have been a fake but even if it was real, i did not want a bag from a scammer.

    i was told that some TPFers filed police reports against i did, too. i also called my credit card company and that's when i got results from paypal. i was literally harrasing hinna every day for her to refund me and she kept saying that she would call them or write them that day...time after time after time...

    so my credit card company got the $2100. now i'm missing the $700. paypal says they will not be able to do anything because the claim was for a chargeback of $2100. i was like what about the rest?! they said they can't reopen the claim. i told them i was extremely disappointed in their services and that i would never use them again. i plan on writing a letter to complain.

    on another note, i will go contacting my city's detective today whom i had already spoken to about this case to file the report with her. the police report i'd filed was from sacramento police department. i also spoke to my family attorney and she said she will pursue her for me. i told her i'd email hinna and give her one last warning. if she does not repond by the end of the day, i will do whatever it takes to stop her from getting her license with the bar. i have a friend at columbia law school who is going to look her up for me.

    this entire situation has been a total nightmare. but i am not going to sit with my arms crossed and let her think she's getting away with it. in addition to my attorney calling her tomorrow, we are filing a small claims dispute.
  2. ^ you should be able to get back the $700 refund from paypal if you file a claim within 30 days i think? i did that once (but eons ago lol) so i'm not sure how it works now. i wish you luck babe, you really don't deserve such treatment and you know, karma always gets around so she'll be punished! now i just hope you get back your money. i'm feeling so sad for you. we're all here for you!!
  3. fahionispoison - i am sooooooooooo sorry that this happened to you!!! :wtf: i know of the TFS gal you are talking about - i have seen her post at the louboutin thread etc. i didn't know she is also here at TPF.

    i followed your story, and i am glad that your cc is recovering the money back to you. it sucks that paypal is not going to do the same, and this is a more of a reason why i tell everyone to always use the cc on paypal to pay for things as they may not recover all (if any) of the funds lost due to scamming and such.

    will she be banned from TPF now, or not be allowed access to the marketplace?

    i will keep my fingers crossed for you that you will get the remaining portion back!
  4. I approve of this thread because this ***** has scammed countless tPF members over the past 2 years and there needs to be a steady awareness of her wrongdoings. She keeps on registering with new nicknames steadily, PMing unsuspecting members, soliciting her bags and screwing people over.
  5. p.s. have you contacted the authorities in berkeley?
  6. ladydeluxe aww. thanks for the kind words, i really appreciate it.
    vlad yes thank you so so much for calling her what i really want to call her!
    shopping i have not called the sacramento police back yet, but i will.

    paypal says that since i had already filed a chargeback dispute and it's been closed (the 2100 that my cc got back) i cannot go back and file another one.....

    ugh. ALL i wanted was a violet chanel jumbo. in turn i got to meet deal with this monster. oh you know what else she said? that everything on here that's said about her is LIBEL. HAHAHAHAHHA. wow. i work in a law office for goodness sake she messed with the wrong person! she also said this whole forum is going down because of it. lmao.
  7. She's been banned about a dozen times already, her new nicks are reported to me periodically.
  8. ^ fashionispoison: LOL, she's a complete idi*t! i think she forgot that if she messes with ONE of us, she messes with ALL of us! HA!
  9. Ohhh girl, my sympathies go out to you... what a nightmare!! :cursing: It's so sad when someone you think you can trust takes advantage of the relationship/friendship and scams you, and even worse yet when you find out that you're only one in a line of several!! :wtf:

    Luckily your cc company was able to refund the $2100, but wth is wrong with paypal?! :wtf: Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with what you can do, but if they do not comply, absolutely write a letter to whomever you must at paypal... involve your family lawyer if you must... whatever it takes to get your $$ back!!!

    I think that filing a report with the police department was a good idea, and I hope your family attorney is able to work her magic :smile:... hell, I sure hope this disgusting scammer never becomes a lawyer... we need people like this to be prosecuted, not prosecuting others! :tdown: Good luck girl, and don't worry... everything will work out. :flowers: :heart:
  10. ^abso-freakin-lutely!!!

    We have a few VERY keen gals here who can spot her a mile away thank goodness!
  11. Thanks Vlad, for allowing the sharing of information!

    FP - I am happy you were able to get the $2100 refunded and are vigorously pursuing the additional $700, not to mention the contact with the bar association. You rock! Oh yeah, let's see her take us all down, LOL!

    Unfortunately, her problems go way beyond scamming. Anyone who shows no regret or remorse for their wrongdoings seriously has no concept of right and wrong. Even if busted she won't learn her lesson. This gal needs professional help.
  12. WOW, I'm sorry to hear that, hope everything works out for you.
  13. This is totally awfull!! I've been duped on eBay before, but nothing to this extent! ((fashionispoison)) I hope everything works out for you and that the authorities are able to do something about this vile woman. ((hugs)) to everyone else that has been taken by this woman too.
  14. vlad - i wonder if TPF should start getting strict on memberships like TFS, where people can only join by invitation (and invitation privileges are only given if the account remains in good standing for a certain amount of time)?

    fashionispoison - paypal can be *****es and i don't think you can do anything at this point with them. i think the next best thing is to file a law suit against her. i think you should contact the berkeley authorities (local and UC Berkeley campus maybe?) since she is scamming people at berkeley.
  15. that is so awful fashionpoison ~ these people make me :throwup: ~ a short while ago & after much e-mailing ~ a nice friendly (or so i thought) seller on e**y went to the ends of the earth to convince me she was selling an authentic thomas wylde bag ~ she claimed her brother had bought it for her from NYC & it wasn't her thing ~ i was just about to bid when i noticed her feedback had increased ~ i checked it to see that she had just sold an identical bag a few days before ~ so one onders how many did her brother buy?! ~ did he buy one for each female in the family?!! :push: ~ i do hope you get the rest of your money back :flowers: