Beware of eBay Seller nyirishgirl and chasley51!!!

  1. Beware of seller nyirishgirl - Possible fakes and possible shill bidder.
    Not sure if her stuff is authentic or not, but though she takes a lot of photos of her items, they are either too small or too blurry to see anything and when you ask her to retake them, she feigns being either too busy or that she can't get photos. I even explained to her how to take better photos with her camera, but she wouldn't do it, cause she was "preparing for other auctions". Also, she starts her auctions very low with no reserve and expects people to bid up high, then when a no-feedback bidder wins, she won't sell and makes a second chance offer. Is she the no-feedback bidder that bid up her item? :yucky:

    Also beware of chasley51 - selling ex-wife or girl friend's fake bags!
    Says he "inherited" the stuff; yeah right, she left him and took the good stuff, now he's selling the fakes that he probably bought for her.
    He won't take any more photos when asked. Won't disclose any damage to the bags and says they are perfect if asked. I got a fake LV Ellipse backpack from him that that had ink spilled all over the inside. Tried emailing him about his deception and he wouldn't reply, so I opened a Paypal claim and declared the seller as a fraud, but am not sure if they will rule in my favor, since eBay's motto appears to be "cavete emptor" (buyer beware). I have to wait 10 days to file directly with eBay, so will do that soon too. :boxing:
  2. Epilogue on nyirishgirl: I mentioned this forum to her and she totally slammed it, saying that I need to look elsewhere for advice, etc. etc. and that I was trying to sabotage her auction.
    This forum has been great; I would rather be safe than sorry. I've made a mistake once and thanks to all the knowledgeable people here, I will not make another mistake.