Beware of eBay Designer Bag Seller!

  1. Avoid the seller Plussizefashionboutique07! She has several Hayden-Harnett bags for sale on eBay. I bought one from her 17 days ago and have not received it. She has not responded to emails or even a phone call regarding whether the bag was shipped.

    Today I contacted another buyer of hers who purchased a Balenciaga bag for $1,200 two weeks ago and has had the same experience.

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  3. You should file a dispute (Security and Resolution Center - Item Not Received) with eBay. How did you pay for the item?
  4. Wow, I placed an offer for one of her bags. I think she is as tpf member too.
  5. Open a dispute asap. Recently learnt the hard way that after a period of time you cant open a dispute after a period of time (see my thread called 'HELP!!!!!!)
    ANd I hope you pay via paypal so at least you can claim certain amount.
    Goshhhhh I hate all these dishonest seller on eBay. I sell a lot on ebay and would never never cheat on people's hard earn money. But now I kinda sworn off ebay, which is unfair for those who are honest seller.
  6. The info above is precious, bookmark it.

    Horror of Horrors. I fell for an eBay auction on a Chloe Bag hook line and sinker. Her previous feedback indicated she sold two other medium priced bags in the past with no negatives, but they were bags that would have cost under $400 to begin with.

    So this "Guaranteed" Chloe bag is offered with "a receipt from Neiman Marcus in Denver, Colorado - $1,600."

    UPS delivers the bag and yes, "a receipt" was in it for that amount. The Chloe bag was fake as you could get from the lock to the zipper and even the felt cover - a worse copy you couldn't find.

    I didn't pay by Paypal, but through a checkout system she had with a Mid-town Marketing somplace or other. They had my $400, I had this bag.

    **I followed each an every step above, including calling my credit card company. Pulled her contact info which was inaccurage. Kept every email from her and eBay. After all my exhausting efforts, she assures me that Midtown (whatever) will credit my MasterCard - but that was Monday and it hasn't shown up yet.

    QUESTION: After I receive a refund (fingers crossed) and mail the bag back..

    What if she receives the bag and says I put a fake in the box and she sent me an authentic Chloe? She pulled all her self-hosted eBay Pictures and I wouldn't put anything passed her now.
  7. were her bags authentic?????
  8. Thanks all for your support. I did open a dispute resolution with paypal. I'm hoping they will eventually get my money back for me.

    I noticed that two of the HH bags she has currently listed use only stock photos. I also noticed that some of her "Or Best Offer" sales have sold for significantly less than the BIN price. Seems suspicious to me.
  9. Wow - she still has 100% feedback. Why haven't you negged her to warn others who might buy from her?
  10. I want to but I'm afraid of getting neg back. It's happened to me twice before.
  11. The way I see it, if the seller (or buyer) deserve a negative, they should get it. I know that it sucks to get a neg back, but anyone that is reading your feedback can see that it was retalitory and not deserved. I hope that you get this resolved and get your money back, but you should giver her the neg.
  12. You're right. I left the negative feedback. At least ebay gives you the option of posting a defense when someone gives you a retaliatory negative. No doubt it's coming. :cursing:
  13. I bought a Linea Pelle from her a few months ago, and it was fine... probably did it to get positive bag feedback. Sad.
  14. You should quickly inform eBay about this seller for BAIT AND SWITCH! She showed one bag on eBay (which could either be authentic or fake) and she sent you a fake one. Take pictures of the bag she sent you, along with the receipt & mail it back to her AFTER you get your money back.

    I would also contact your credit card and file a claim against that transaction - either way you will get your money back and if she wants her horrible fake back, let her pay you for return shipping costs. Why should you be out money for her scam?

    Good luck.
  15. No doubt you're right. Hadn't thought of that as a reason. I noticed she had feedback from two bag buyers. It made me wonder if she was injured or ill, until I noticed that some people had received items from auctions that ended after mine. :cursing: