Beware Of Catrier Watches!!

  1. I have had my Cartier Tank Francaise watch for 3 years.It stopped working.I was told by my jeweler that they need TUNEUPS(!!!) every couple of years..and GUESS WHAT???IT ONLY COSTS 400 DOLLARS!Yep!
    You heard me..Actually 428.00 total..WHAT A RIPOFF..BET thats why they dont tell ya that when you buy one..I love my watch but GEESH! Thats a lot of maintenance for an EXPENSIVE WATCH!???Isnt it?

    OK..Ive vented.I got my watch back in time for my Paris trip today..BUT I wasnt too happy about the maintenance thing at all!
  2. how much? :wtf: i paid £130ish when mine needed that done.. annoying still. although even more annoying is that i can't find the bloody thing :hysteric:
  3. Are you serious?! $400+ that's ridiculous!
  4. Rolex is the same way - about $500 for a tune-up.
  5. Patek Phillippe watches get close to $1000 for this work,
    it's the nature of the lux-market, as the Rolex etc etc.

    I just bought the Cartier Tank Solo Orange Dial
    LOVE IT !
  6. WHOA! I can understand why you are a bit ticked off about that added expense.
  7. I was just looking at the Tank Francaise this afternoon. It's pretty annoying that it should need servicing so often and at such a price.
  8. Rip off!

    (sorry to hear that right before you left)
  9. I'm assuming it's a quartz?

    I have the medium size stainless steel with gold, quartz Tank Francaise and find I don't use it as much... because I don't want to take it in for cleaning and a new battery. The battery alone costs $90 here in Canada!

    I use my Tank Americane (automatic) and never take it in. I have an old Santos automatic (stainless and gold) and have never taken it in for cleaning! Not once! It's 20 years old and I just wear it. It still runs, but not as well as it once did. The SA told me that to fix it properly would cost upwards of $600. I'll just keep using it and save the cleaning costs, which add up over the years, and buy a new watch.

    Anyway, I know exactly how you feel.
  10. The same thing just happened to me. However, it was $300. That included a new battery and buffing. I wonder if different stores charge different prices.
    I feel your pain, I too wasn't aware of it.
  11. That sounds about right. It is a very intricate process. They take your watch apart and fix anything that is wrong with it as well as replace the battery and basically make it brand new again. It is well worth it. You should do this about every 5 years or so. It's the same on most high end watches.
  12. ouch, that is a ripoff. I thought quartz didn't need to be serviced. It only needs a battery change every three years. Am I wrong?
  13. I don't know why people would want to pay ridiculous amount to have a quartz watch serviced though because I had my Tank serviced once before I unloaded it and I used a random watch repairer (you know the ones that do shoe repairs and key cuttings as well) and it's perfectly fine. It costs me a grand total of ~$19.

    I don't know about my mechanical watch yet though because my oldest one has not been 3 years yet but I still think a vaguely decent place can change the lubrication oil and do other services on a Jaeger LeCoultre movement in my Pasha 42mm but when it comes to my annual calendar 4936 Patek I have to think twice, LOL.
  14. I know many, many people who pay $10 or $20 to have a battery changed at some little shop on the corner. I also know a few men who do it themselves, because they are watch lovers and they have their own equipment.

    Cartier warns you that your guarantee will be null and void if you go to someone else to change a battery... but really, they are ripping us off and the watch will run just fine if you take it to someone cheaper.
  15. I've had my Tank for about 5 years, had to change the battery once, Bal Harbour Cartier changed it, only after looking over the entire pedigree in the Cartier box, the charge was $125.00 for changing battery and fixing the lock which kept opening. Not too terrible, and I wear that and two other cartiers every day.