Beware Mulberry girls in Sweden who uses

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  1. I'm having trouble with an add I placed at for my Botkier bag. An english guy immediately emailed me saying he wanted to buy it and asked me to send him my account info.

    In the next email he writes that he wants me to ship the bag to his SON who studies in NIGERIA. I checked out the customs rules for Nigeria and as it turnes out, there are very strict rules and shipping valuables via packages is prohibited. So I emailed the man saying I can ship to him in the UK and pay for the shipping cost, so he can forward it to Nigeria himself. After that he has sent me several emails saying I shouldn't worry, his CLIENT (not son anymore but client) knows the rules and that he is going to make the bank transfer tomorrow anyway, even though I clearly stated in two emails that I don't want to sell it to him if I have to ship it to Nigeria.

    Today as I was telling this story to a friend, it turned out that the exact same thing happened to him on when he was selling a cell phone. The man who wanted to buy it that time stated the EXACT same thing; he wanted him to send it to his son who studies in Nigeria...

    So, Mulberry girls in Sweden, if you use (or for selling bags, if you get one of these emails, beware... :tdown:
  2. This is a typical ebay scam too. I tried to sell a mobile phone and got very similar emails. Its best to say on your listing where you are willing to ship to and hopefully it might put them off. I had to stop using buy it now for the phones I was selling to stop getting this type of scam. Its so annoying when someone ends a listing early just to try and con you.
  3. Wow, I feel somewhat foolish now, I definitely should have seen that coming... So what do I do if this guy actually makes the bank transfer? Feeling a bit worried now...
  4. Yes, it is a common scam unfortunately, used amongst desirable and high value items. A fraudulent bank transfer would be made, so your bank would initiallly clear the transfer, so you would then ship the item, then after about 10 working days, your bank would bounce the transfer, and you would be left with no item and no money. Simply tell the 'buyer' that you will not be selling to him and you will no longer engage in any communication with him.
  5. Its also on at Trendsales in Denmark, they usually overbid the asking price too.
  6. What would I do without purseforum!? :tpfrox:Thanks for all the info, I've ended all communication with him, and if he does the bank transfer anyways I'll know to ignore it!! I feel disappointed though, I don't understand how people can do these things. I'm a 23 year old student and not exactly a millionaire - why steal from me...
  7. Wow, thats really scary. I've heard about those scams on ebay, but I wasn't aware that they were on Blocket too... Well, I guess they are everywhere - thanks for the warning Ingrid! I really hope he'll back off, and that you won't have any more trouble from this guy. Perhaps it's better to always state in the listing that you will only ship within Europe.
  8. I've done some digging and it seems they are in every country where people understand english. According to the swedish police, they are organized criminals. I reported this man to and got a very good response and they were going to block his email address from further use.

    Apparently, it's called fraud 419 and there are tons of info if you google it. There are two types; what happened to me and another way they use to make you move their money by offering you a percentage. A man here in Sweden moved 4 million SEK (about £300 000) before he realized it was a scam...

    Vicky - Take a look here: Short info about what it is (in swedish only though).
  9. ^^^ thanks for the link, that is very helpful info!
  10. Thanks for the info!