BEWARE: iulchik1972 is A COMPLETE FRAUD!!

  1. This is just to remind ladies outthere to be aware of eBay id iulchik1972 a.k.a Julia Antonenko. She is A COMPLETE FRAUD!!!

    shopcat70 is her other eBay ID too. Fake receipts & fake bags. eBay ID, sloane_street (reputable reseller) can attest to my statement. She sold me fake chloe bags and I'm out of USD$1900!! Sending me a fake refund form which I never receive the $$$ in the end. This happened to me around in 2006 & I'm still bitter about it. Ugh.. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  2. oh man that is horrible! I wish you somehow can get your money back. Thansk for letting us know.
  3. I've learned to let it go. She'll get her karma one day. I just hate how people are conned into getting her items without knowing that it's fake. They even left her a positive feedback. Her items are superfake chloe bags though. Maybe that's why buyer just simply assuming that they're getting a real deal :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  4. Did you pay by PayPal? Have you still got the bag? Surely she can be reported and end up getting a bad debt against her name?
  5. File a report with the District Attorney in her area. They WILL get her!!
  6. OMG that is so terrible. People are so awful its unbelievable. They always find ways to scam people off their hard-earned money. Its so unfair.
    I would say report her to eBay but she would most probably get another ID as she seems to have done already.
  7. Why didn't you get your money back? Did you file a claim with your credit card? I never buy on ebay unless I pay with Amex. That way I am protected.
  8. I don't think I would ever be able to let $1900 go. Go get her! Call the police, the Attorney General, Judge Judy, anyone that can help.
  9. I paid via Western Union and she's in Omsk, Russia. I just did a research that Omsk is actually a small town in Russia where all the majority is very poor people with very low income. Naturally, the police wouldn't do anything :sad:

    Thanks for your concern, ladies. I just want to warn people outhere not to deal with her. Trust me, she seems very convincing on claiming her bags as authentic.
  10. Judge Judy would help
  11. :wtf: I'm sorry you encountered that scam artist... I hope you'll get back all your money but could you tell me please what's the relationship between you and sloane_street in this case?
  12. OMG! That's horibble!! Please visit Moda-da Victims

    I read someone post and I kept on mind her tips to get back her money,"[SIZE=-1] A couple of years ago, I "won" a L.V. Tweedy Handbag from Monaco-Babe. I paid her $2800. ... [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]I ended up sending her a bank money order. Her first stall tactic was "the check hasn't cleared yet because it is international". That took three weeks. Her next stall tactic was "Your package was returned - what is your mailing address again?" The fact was - she never sent the bag. She lied to me several times about shipping this bag. ... [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]She did not send me the LV bag or my money.

    After several more months of threatening her with legal action, etc ... [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]I also told her I had planned a trip to France and would come knocking on her door. I believe she actually was scared - and sent me a Hermes Picotin Bag..."[/SIZE]

    The point: tell her you'll take serious international civil law act and knock her door with some polices by cbyer crime, fraudulent, counterfeit and fake receipt ( Chloe copyright ) suspect, also tell her you'll contact Chloe by she made fake receipt of Chloe and trading fake Chloe!
  13. sloane_street bid on her auction on chloe bay bag recently. Iulchick1972 is still operating on ebay, selling her superfakes chloe bags. I wonder why ebay still let her get away with this :crybaby:

    Anyway, I happened to check out the auction and immediately sent an email telling sloane_street to be careful as I've burned by this seller in the past. Turned out sloane_street was suspicious of her items all along (lots of repeated same bags at low price) and my mail has confirmed her suspicions. Worse, this iulchik1972 keeps pestering sloane_street to make the payment about 6 times a day and assured sloane_street that the chloe bag is authentic along with the receipt (her fake receipts totally fooled me!! it's exactly like the original receipt with boutique's stamps, etc) :yucky:

    Fortunately, sloane_street hasn't made any payment just yet.. sloane_street has always been buying & selling authentic merchandise and I hate to see honest people being duped & scammed. I feel sorry the rest of the buyers that has been scammed by her. They even left her positive feedbacks without checking the bags first. Btw, iulchik1972 is completely aware that she's selling counterfeit items :cursing:
  14. LVGODIVA, exactly!! I posted on the chloe forum that she's a monaco-babe jr. :yucky:

    I've sent her email that i'm going to report to FBI, etc. She promised to refund me via online bank transfer, so I trusted her once again. She sent me a screen cap of her online banking transaction that she has deposited SGD$2800 (equivalent to USD$1900) to my bank account. I waited for nearly a week, nothing in my bank account. ZERO. I'm sure she faked those screen cap of her online bank transfer too :cursing:

    Btw, I always very careful when I buy designer items on ebay. She's definitely a professional scam artist!! I'm so disgusted on how low she'll stoop. Up to this day, I'm still bitter :yucky:
  15. Yes, I know sloane_street :smile: She's member of MPRS