Beware - Incoming Bourbon Sienna @ Neiman Marcus

  1. Ladies:

    I received today a Sienna in Bourbon purchased from Neiman Marcus. It apparently was either the last in stock or more likely, one that had been used and returned and popped up briefly. It is in the *worst* condition I have ever seen a "new" bag arrive in! Shipped unstuffed, smashed in the box and the sleeper bag/dust cover was tossed in the box next to the bag. And no tags!

    Worse yet, there are obviously signs of wear on the bag and each and every bit of brass on that bag, especially the inner and outer brass Kooba plates are so unbelievably tarnished as to have black spots on them! The smell of tarnished metal is so unbelievably strong it overwhelms the smell of the leather. Before returning it I am going to call customer service and voice my disappointment. :cursing:

    I am just shocked and disappointed. I am posting this warning for two reasons:

    Most importantly - Keep an eye out. I'd hate for anyone here see this pop up on NM in a few days and buy it at $375 as I did. It's terrible!!

    Second: Has anyone else rec'd a rotten, obviously returned after use bag from NM or elsewhere? Just ridiculous!
  2. I've never received a used one from NM, but I did receive a black pebbled sienna from Revolve that was undoubtedly used before I bought it. It was very disappointing to say the least. I have bought from them since and bags have been fine, and I must say they were very nice to deal with on the sienna problem, even gave me an extra 25% off my next pourchase. I also bought a Keira from Kooba that had been previously used, and promptly returned it. If I'm going to buy a bag that is used, I'll buy it on eBay and get a good deal on it!
  3. Thanks for the warning. I hate when that happens. Hopefully, NM will apologize profusely and refund all of your shipping costs.

  4. OMG bourbon sienna from BG is due to arrive Wed....I'm sweating bullets right now but will let you know. I hate thing like thius. Thanks for the prewarning.:crybaby:
  5. Oh, that just sucks, where's the quality control?

    I ordered the last black Sienna from & it wasn't used or damaged, but it was defective, one side was distressed, one side smooth, but full price. When I returned it, with my concerns, they just popped it back on the website & someone else swooped it up.

    I guess these businesses figure if it's a sale item, it can go through wilth flaws?

    Keep us posted on how they handle this!
  6. I actually bought one a week or so ago from NM(aren't they the same co?) and it was great. Who knows, maybe you got the only bad one...
    Let us know what happens!
  7. I called and of course the rep was absolutely apologetic and sincere. I conveyed my concerns about both reselling of used & returned items and the manner in which they are packed (that dust cover wadded up in the box still just blows my mind!). He assured me that my concerns were noted and would be sent directly to blah blah blah. I hope they are but I'm sure the bag will be returned to available stock and back up on the website within the week. I feel for the individual who gets it next. ~sigh~

    You're right, Rosenpetals; there has got to be some quality control on returns, you know? I mean the bag was so *obviously* used prior to return, and I don't mean loaded up and paraded in front of the mirror to try out. We're talking handle patina and other wear on the whipstitching. Who does that???

    I will add that this is the only instance of this is my purchases with NM. Hopefully it won't happen again.
  8. I've had similar problems with Bluefly but never Neiman Marcus. One bag I bought had a used airline ticket from NY to LA and 2 unopened pkgs of cello strings. Obviously someone used bag for trip and then returned. Bluefly never checked it out. Which is why you can sometimes get a fake from one of these reputable stores - bait and take. Customer buys a real bag from store, substitutes a fake and returns it for credit. Store clerk inventories it back in and some poor person pays full price for a fake bag. It's happened before to me from Bluefly, Net-a-Porter and even the gift shop at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut.
  9. Wow - that absolutely explains how those fakes get into the market via reputable sources. Sheesh! A plane ticket??

    Hello? Merchants? Please instruct your staff to do the obvious - check a bag upon return before returning to available stock.

    I saw a bourbon pop up yesterday on NM, though it isn't the one I purchased as I just mailed it yesterday. Mine should probably pop up next week.
  10. I mailed mine like 2-3 weeks ago and it hasn't popped up yet! Yeah, and I'm still waiting for my credit!!!:wtf:

  11. Ok bourbon sienna arrived today and I was holding my breath.......but let's just say she was in the house less than a half hour. While wrapped in the Kooba dustbag, albeit with no stuffing, mine had the inside zipper label tarnished black (although the others were ok.) While the inside looked new there was a small scuff to the bottom. It didn't have the new leather smell either.........AND NO TAGS!!! I ordered mine on the 5th or 6th from Bergdorf for comparison at the same time I ordered a med Botkier Bianca stachel in pearl cognac (yep 2 of the girls on this forum egged me on with their postings, although I am not a red person and chose the pearl cognac for $ is DIVINE, color is gorgeous!) not only did BG tissue wrap it w/ their silver label, etc, it was in the bag WITH TAGS, and had all the inside packaging and smelled heavenly!! So.....what gives? I will say though that tarnishing thing on the Kooba hardware is a factory thing I think. If it wasn't lacquered over with a finish it could be removed.

    So there you have it :cursing:
  12. Wow - what's with the bourbons?? It's like they had a bad run of the brass details and lots of returned bags. Yuck. How very disappointing. I guess I'll have to hope a good one pops up on ebay and ask loads of questions on the hardware. That or just go to another color on my Sienna list.

    That Botkier sounds delish! If you happen to post pics in any of the forums please let us know so we can go eye it! :drool:
  13. WOW that is very interesting. I ordered a Kooba Ginger from BG and it arrived in perfect brand new condition just a few days ago. It looked like the Ginger hadn't even been taking out of the plastic yet. The handles and tassels were still wrapped in the paper and it was stuffed and had the dust bag neatly packed in the bag. It also had the tags on it and smelled brand new. I could tell that the bag hadn't been touched since it was made. It was in perfect condition. I had no clue things like this went on. I always trusted that if I was buying it from a department store or boutique that the bag was new and authentic. This just opens my eyes a bit. How scary and maddening!:cursing:
  14. In all honesty Karenina the bourbon Jillian my BF got me for my BD came just as your did, wrapped nicely, all the appropriate packaging and tags, even my BF was inpressed. I think I have to agree with KoobaMe...they must have purchased a bad run on the bourbon siennas. Glad the sienna MA is coming now. I would have never tried to resell that bouron. Thankfully they didn't charge for the return. some money for awhile...then on to the next Kooba. I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through others purchases for awhile.
    PS I will post pics of the Botiker pearl cognac....unbelievable bag, but my always first love is Koobas. =):heart: