Beware! I purchased a fake Chanel Gabrielle on eBay!

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  1. Hi tPFers!

    I purchased a Chanel Gabrielle small hobo last week from ebay (paid over $3k)
    (link here:

    Unfortunately, I had it authenticated by the ladies at tPF's authentication thread after I had paid and it was determined to be fake (link here:

    I have contacted the seller to let her know re: the authenticity of the bag and requested a refund. She said she received it as a gift and is adamant that it is authentic and will not refund. I've contacted Étinceler Authentications and CarolDiva. Waiting to hear back from both services.

    The seller also currently has a Chanel Classic Flap So Black Mini in Python for $4,800 on eBay. (link here:

    Just wanted everyone to be aware and would be interested in anyone else has purchased a counterfeit Chanel bag (or Gabrielle) and how did it get resolved?


    IMG_2318.jpeg IMG_2319.jpeg IMG_2320.jpeg IMG_2322.jpeg IMG_2323.jpeg
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  2. I'm sorry this happened to you. Hopefully you paid via PayPal and can dispute it. I never buy from eBay. Preloved in general is so risky. I've only recently purchased preloved from fashionphile since it's reputable and still had it authenticated.

    I hope everything works out for you! Keep us updated and make sure to post a negative review saying she sold a fake and that it was confirmed by " insert name of the companies".
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    If you purchased on ebay or paypal, you can dispute. All you have to do is dispute it and then get an official authentication letter (usually costs a bit more) and submit it to Paypal. Usually, Paypal is very helpful! It's never happened to me before, but I once thought a vintage bag I bought was fake (it was real), so I went through the entire process.

    I almost bought a bag on ebay yesterday night! It was a pre-owned medium red boy bag at a "too good to be true" price. I was so caught up in this "find", that I almost bought it. The seller was communicative about everything up until I asked if it was authentic via messaging, then there was no reply! I'm not sure if this bag is real or not, but it was just weird that there was no response. The listing was ended this morning by the seller.

    It happens to all of us, I wouldn't be so upset. This is why Paypal has buyer protection!
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  4. I'd feel totally comfortable with Etinceler but if you haven't yet paid Carol, you might want to reconsider using Carol Diva. While she has expertise in some brands, Chanel is one brand where she's made a lot of wrong calls.

    Not only can you trust Etinceler with Chanel but you can save on spending for the second authentication.
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  5. Thank you! I appreciate it. I did pay via PayPal. I will never buy designer bags from ebay again! It's not worth it for the amount of money.

    Will keep ya'll posted~
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  6. That is what happened to me! I got caught up in the "find" of a small gabrielle - seller was responsive and sent me additional photos. She has 100% feedback and was also selling another Chanel - the moment I paid I knew I should have gotten it authenticated first!

    Thanks for the support :smile:
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  7. Thank you! I just heard back from Etincelar requesting more photos. Didn't pay Carol yet, just sent her an inquiry.
  8. Keep us updated on what happens!
  9. Sellers DO NOT WANT NEGATIVE FEEDBACK, nor can they retaliate if you leave it. If I were you, I'd email her back and let her know you will be leaving negative feedback and contacting EBay and PayPal to request a refund. Frankly sellers do not have a leg to stand on if a buyer wants a return. You'll have you money back in no time
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  10. You don't even need all the 'authentification' stuff....start email the seller and if they are unwilling to do the right thing, start the dispute process
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  11. I do hope you reconsider using ebay. There are many honest sellers and there are many items that aren't available from B&M stores. Just verify authenticity of the items and vet the seller beforehand.
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  12. That's feedback extortion, not allowed and can get the OP/buyer into trouble.
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    Agree that no seller wants negative feedback but in this situation since the seller
    has been contacted & she is not willing to work with OP at this point in time OP should
    consider opening a case with ebay once OP receives the third party authentication. That will speak for itself
    Would not tell any seller that you are thinking about leaving negative feedback as this could be misconstrued as feedback extortion.
    Let ebay/paypal resolve this matter for you..
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  14. Dear all !
    Im the seller. The one you guys are talking about.
    I have to find this website and create account to tell that please, don’t judge people when u heart from only 1 side. And I do have responsibility with my selling.
    I’m not fraud seller. Real or fake purse only know exactly when you bring it to the Chanel store. Some pictures can’t tell much. I recommended she can bring it to the store and ask them. Her Authenticator only said 90% with blurry pictures.
    I will attack some pictures when I sent it to her and our conversation in Ebay.

    Im so welcome to listen from you, Thanks

    171FF39E-E06E-4354-AD82-E24751875BEA.jpeg 112BF995-9537-403A-9609-A3670B4E05E9.jpeg 9D6D1C79-C05A-4697-B28F-447236CACD19.jpeg 5EA65BB0-270D-4171-AB0E-6222648F256E.jpeg 092C8686-77AF-469D-91E2-4FBED4517BDA.jpeg 65E1B78B-3EB5-43B5-B971-6A3FBFD02ACD.jpeg
    76C7BAB4-FB2B-4D6E-8429-1CE4766B66B3.jpeg 6FC0B50E-9334-4B51-B925-9947F3157F94.jpeg EE747F3C-43AF-4978-A5AE-BD4BE5164DAB.jpeg 5776F2E1-F9C8-4DFA-89FD-8233C984DEC6.jpeg
  15. I always try my best to solve this situation.
    Please don’t judge me when you don’t know clearly about what happened.
    Here is our conversation when she want to return.
    42EF9CB0-BFE0-4428-9E6F-5E2E2359D5B2.png 3BA6A7C0-8CD3-47E3-8969-58B3F687B375.png FEB179AD-0A03-4345-A3AB-EE0E79460B81.png 0051AE2E-3F74-45AC-BC47-8879070C7EE6.png E639B12E-7A22-4CA4-818E-080A8218280E.png FB923DA9-2239-4BCC-A8FD-4FD78F0689BE.png 42821BB0-0A5C-445F-9F4B-3AF3785DDF4A.png