BEWARE- Handling Fee when Returning from BLOOMINGDALES PRIVATE SALE!

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  1. Like so many of you I bought some things during the Bloomingdale's Private Sale... When my stuff came, I didn't really like what I bought, so I paid for the shipping and sent it back!

    I didn't pay for shipping in the first place becuase I had a code, so the amount credited to my card should have been the exact amount initially charged. This morning I get an email from Bloomies stating that my credit card will be refunded $6.95 LESS than what was originally charged! WTF?

    So, rude experience #1- I called and tried to get an explanation from an agent who tells me that the amount credited was equal to the merchandise less shipping. HELLO I never paid shipping. So I try to explain this to him and "all of a sudden" his computer goes blank, and he can't help me anymore. He was so rude, and asks me in the most demeaning tone why I never paid shipping (had a code). So I ask to be transferred to someone else, and he tells me that their system isn't set up to do this and I need to call back! (I don't believe this for a second becuase what happens if I wanted to speak to a supervisor?)

    So, crazy experience #2- I call back and get an agent who explains to me that the reason the item isn't credited the full amount is becuase they charged me a $6.95 handling fee. So I ask her to give me the location on their website where they have this policy in writing. (I always check websites before I order to make sure they don't have policies like that). Of course she couldn't, and I couldn't find it either, so I ask to speak to a supervisor.

    On to supervisor...
    So the supervisor tells me that they check to make sure items are in resaleable, undamaged condition, and if not, they charge this handling fee. So I explain to her that of course I took the handbag out of the plastic bag it was shipped to me in, but that I didn't use it or damage it! I again ask her to show me the policy in writing and SHE PUTS ME ON HOLD!!! So she comes back which seemed to be an eternity later and tells me that she has credited me the handling fee.

    I then tell her what happened with the first agent...and she goes on to tell me that OF COURSE agents have the ability to transfer phone calls and that he should have offered to call me back...

    I ultimately got what I wanted.... but it shouldn't have been an issue to begin with. Seriously, in this economy, retailers need to step up their game and this is just insane. This is why I usually stick to Nordies.

    I wanted to warn all of you to check your credits to make sure they don't impose this stupid fee on all of you too.
  2. Wow I don't shop at Bloomies online but that is terrible! I would think they CS would be better than this:wtf:
  3. Sorry to hear you have such bad experience, I shop at Bloomies online but haven't encounter such service......yet

    I do have another similar experience with another online etailer, they shipped the wrong size to me, so I returned it for a refund instead. They still charged me the shipping fee for a mistake they've made. :cursing: I lost $20 for...nothing...
  4. I've rarely had a good experience with Bloomies online which is why when I shop there, I usually shop in a store. Plus, their shipping fees are so outrageous that unless you have a code, it's not worth it if it's just thing. They don't carry anything you can't get in another dept. store so I don't know why they think they can be rude to customers, but they continually are. I too stick to Nordy's for the most part.
  5. wow that is outrageous! I've heard so many horror stories of bloomies online! It stinks because i've never had a bad experience with them in-store. i'm so glad you got your money back!
  6. I ordered a bag during that sale. I ordered the Rebecca Minkoff Dream bag but what I got was a returned and carried RM Matinee bag:shrugs:. Totally different! Since I got the Matinee for such a great price I just cleaned her up and kept it but normally I would be really mad.
    I thought mine was a lucky mix-up but it sounds like they don't have their carp together.
    So sorry you had to go through all that BS:cursing: just to get your shipping back.
  7. I'm going to be dealing with them on a Rebecca Minkoff MAB return. I will go nuts if they try to charge me a "handling" fee for their defective bag!!!! I'm already furious at them over sending me a torn bag! I don't plan to do any more shopping with them. I'll stick with NM & Nordstrom for me. I've never had negative experiences with them.
  8. Sometimes I am charged this fee, but only when I use the Bloomingdales prepaid UPS return label when I return an item. They charge that fee on the return shipping only. But if you paid return shipping out of your own pocket, you shouldn't have had to pay any handling fee. Hope this helps.
  9. Cundle- Nope, I paid for my own shipping from UPS! Had I know it was only a $6.95 fee I would have defintely let them charge it to me becuase I think I paid something like $12.00 to ship back via UPS!!!

    Anyway, I really get the impression that they have no idea what they are doing over there!!!
  10. Yes, that's very true, they really don't know what they are doing. I get the feeling that their customer service center also handles Macys calls. One time I phoned Bloomingdales customer service and they answered "Macys". They were able to fix my probelm (they overcharged me) but it would be nice if there wasn't so many customer service issues with them. I'm glad you got the fee refunded.:tup:
  11. I can't believe they sent you a torn bag:yucky:!!! Please keep us updated if not here in the RM forum.
  12. I called them once and got "Thank you for calling Macy's how can I help you?" they are pretty screwed up over there! LOL!
  13. lol. they do not have great online cs but in store is very good.
  14. ^is in-store good? I haven't returned anything in-store. But I refuse to shop online because it is just so rediculas. I have emaileed them before but never recieve a responce.